ART: Customizing Your Mannequin | 05 | Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

ART: Customizing Your Mannequin | 05 | Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

so in this video I want to cover customizing your mannequin now this isn’t really important if you already have a model but if this is your character or this is going to be for prototype then you might find this interesting one of the molds we haven’t talked about yet is mesh mode so if we click on the mesh mode button what we can do is this allows us to scale move and rotate our geometry pieces without actually affecting our joints so if I turn on the preview skeleton and I go in here you can see that my joints are still here even though my mesh is now over there so this is just for kind of customizing how your mesh will look the other modes you can go into to further customize your mannequin is physique this is basically a bunch of morph targets that allow you to do different things and really kind of tweak the proportions of your of your guy and you can mirror these cross so forward and then you can also say about templates so let’s go ahead and load in one of our templates for this and just like the skeleton creation settings we can also save and load templates for our joint movers so let’s go ahead and load in our template for the joint mover to get the fully customized mannequin here for endomorph so that’s kind of some of the stuff you can do by customizing using physique mode and the mesh movers go ahead and reset and you can see this is just the physique that you’re seeing here go ahead and load in the joint mover template this is without the physique so we’ve kind of moved some things out scaled some things about and then but in conjunction we get a much more unique looking character and that’s it for customizing your mannequin


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