Arcade1Up David McIntosh -The Retro Buzz Ep: 17

Arcade1Up David McIntosh -The Retro Buzz Ep: 17

the retro buzz starts right after this! hey guys we’re live for the Friday show
that we always do the retro buzz and wait let me look around here now he’s
not wearing a mask right now he’s just this time he’s sitting in a chair my
Captain Kirk chair maybe he never will you never do that I don’t so and I got
my new my little baby next to me too ooh we’ll get back to that in a little bit
but we’ve got mr. Glenn Flay memento we’ve also got mr. cool toy today we’ve
got Douglas Smith he’s there it’s all ready to go and before we introduce our
guests we have we have a little bit of we have a little bit of a real quick
some announcements to go over for some of you guys out there in the at games
community the there’s gonna be a brand new firmware that’s gonna drop tonight
from at least that’s what I was being told that’s going to fix the Tron leader
board and you’re like well big deal why are you announcing this this is you know
the reason being is there’s gonna be a neutron leader board that will be live
starting March 21st at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time also at the same time the
Tron top-score tournament kicks off it’ll end Sunday March 22nd at 11:59
p.m. and the top 10 score placers will win free BYO G hours so make sure you
guys check that out if you’re a legends user and you want to get out there and I
know Glen’s probably gonna sign up mr. Tron himself right actually it’s a great
game I love it but I’m not great at it typical for me I’m not great at that
game my game is always asteroids of course pong
go way back to pong I got like pong Doug are you gonna are you gonna attempt to
down the road and compete we’ll see when you first said they were gonna fix the
e-tron leaderboards I assumed you meant fixed in the context of they were gonna
put Glenn up top well that could be very possible so hearing that Glenn is not as
great as Tron as the potentially led others to
believe I’m absolutely gonna informed now well if you’ve ever played fighting
games with them you’ll know he’s not very good I slapped the best of him he
did but on you know along with everything else in the world there’s
really not a lot of news but I did find out guys that the turbo graphics 16 they
actually have a date placeholder now that doesn’t mean I get it
they have December 31st of this year as the release date but Doug I think you
and I both think that it is just a placeholder date to show more and more
get more and more pre-orders but are you thinking maybe two to three months well
well maybe see that hit the amazon shelf I would think so I mean with it already
was supposed to be here you know on our doorsteps now you know it already had to
have the stock ready to go so I think maybe you know two three months max is
the delay and that’s presuming this pandemic that’s going on in the world
kind of subsides and kind of mellows out and things kind of go to a pseudo normal
thing but yeah two to three months I think we’ll see it back up and we’ll
probably have it on our door ships hopefully and I Glen you have had me
looking all over tarnation for a original and I have yet to find it but I
did get a good deal on a Sega Genesis so you did well well the turbografx-16
or any of them are hard to come by regardless and if you find one they are
expensive you had got a good deal if you sure your picture that thing you’re a
Sega Genesis you got four which you paid you got a very good deal and the only
question I had for you was it’s definitely a first gen run unit but it
does have the lockout chip on the back of it is there like an a 9 pin Atari
joystick style connector because that would mean it’s the second revision of
the original Genesis if you don’t have that 9 pin on the back that’s the third
version of the same well it looks like there’s a vga type adapter thingy on the
back good ok so you have the first run that has the lockout or the licensing
chip as I like to call it what’s a lockout chip so that’s fine
they still got the better which is what really matters the sake of
Genesis as they cut newer models out the sound went right down the toilet
coming worse with each version but that one the sound should be finding it and
you should be enjoyable it’s a good condition with the controllers that you
got for that price you got a good deal 35 bucks system three controllers three
games ship Tamiya very good deal Kemp can’t be very good deal so I’m
pretty stoked with it even though I had a one that has like the only one and you
could put the cartridges in and everything like that but I wanted it an
official one but somebody else that’s also in this space we have a special
guest with us today he’s been patiently waiting and Johnny
John does not have his finger on the trigger he reassured us that we’ve got
with us mr. david mcintosh from arcade one up welcome sir David’s in the house
so much thanks for having me guys really well it’s great to have you on here and
you know you guys have been feeling kind of like the the depressing scenario that
we’ve all been facing with with some of our free orders from other other video
game outlets unfortunately you guys are facing that same problem a lot of
conferences have been canceled you guys didn’t get to blow the roof off of a lot
of your announcements but you’re still keeping a positive attitude which is
really cool thank you yeah yeah with all these events canceling it’s definitely
shifting our strategy but by no means is it going to take the funder away from
our announcements we just have to you know strategically think how we’re gonna
do that moving forward yeah everything’s going online Glenn’s online Doug’s on
we’re all practicing social distancing right now you definitely want to
practice it for me at this point so have you seen David any kind of delays on I
guess the burger time cabinet is the big one right that’s the one that’s been
shipping I’ve seen pictures all over social media that the product has been
shipping people have been receiving it on on time is it still going as planned
even though the pandemic is here yeah so right before this call I was on
the phone with my logistics team to confirm what I can and can’t say but
things overseas are actually in what their words you know clearing up
slightly so you know factories are starting to go back up and businesses
are starting to open up again so we’re actually rolling out a lot of our
pre-orders BurgerTime being one of them and we’re actually almost out so yes you
know it’s your question things were slightly impacted in terms of once they
got to the port it took them longer to unload the boat just you know they had
to check them or whatever they do with these quarantine goods I have no idea
what what that process is it just took an extra day or two for them to look
look at it open it up say everything’s good but besides that you know
everything’s going business almost as usual in terms of like logistics we are
hitting a snag right now with risers I know somebody commented on one of the
the posts when you introduced this live stream asking about what the status was
on some risers because they’re starting to deplete that’s an example of
something that’s also being impacted with California’s you know ports and
everything starting to close down we are having an issue in our warehouse as well
we are having an issue receiving some goods so there will be some delays in
terms of parts and stuff but so far it hasn’t been too impactful on on the
business overall so maybe this might be conspiracy theory but guys what do you
think the same people that are hoarding the toilet paper or hoarding the risers
I’m just throwing it out there I’m just saying but personally I think throwing
for their toilet paper see get your risers and you’ve got this castle on
toilet paper I’m just saying I’m just listen the risers are more important in
my opinion I believe in yeah so you think there’s some truth to that right
no I didn’t understand the toilet paper the hint the hand sanitizer I got but
you know I do see a correlation with the risers it’s just like you know grateful
for this kind of started kicking off we saw like a spike in sales you’re not
saying like we have retailers now asking the putting in
their purchase orders earlier than they normally would because we’re seeing
people building their own man caves like they’re at home game rooms for extended
periods of time in social isolation when we posted the warehouse closure
announcement on social probably the top five ten comments were like yeah you
know what like we’re just getting more of these machines at our house you know
to make the most this situation you know you can’t really do anything but embrace
it so you may as well make it you know a solid experience to you know the extent
that you can so with the risers we saw a lot of risers and general arcade machine
sales spiked and continue to do very strong in terms of sales and it’s
actually kind of you know expediting our our vision almost of putting these
arcade you know units or these arcade experiences into people’s homes because
people are realizing you know the one percenters who can afford it they’re
putting pools and tennis courts and they’re in their backyards or in their
property and you know the middle-class you know they’re putting arcade machines
in their house the different forms of entertainment so we’re definitely seeing
a huge transition of mindset but also preparation for what’s going on right
now so P dub has a really good question in
the in the YouTube channel chat he said do you guys plan on making more risers
or now is the business model switching over and I’m paraphrasing of course to
the risers coming complete with the arcade is that something that you know
for users that maybe just want the $2.99 arcade without the riser they could
still get it or is the business model switching over to now you get a complete
riser graphic package for $4.99 you know there’s there’s a few different thought
processes on this we’re actually not we’re not set on the answer is if the
community wants them separate you know we’ll make them separate it’s at the end
of the day you guys are the ones who are supporting us and you supported the
BurgerTime the marvel all the direct consumer tests we’ve done to date
meaning selling units directly ourselves not through retailers have proven a
success solely by our hardcore fan base not the general wal-mart consumer not
that you guys are you know different or treated differently but we
found that the sell-through we’re getting right now is significant enough
to you know if you guys say we don’t want to rise or just like you said we’d
rather this be Burger Time not to karate champ we have the ability to implement
those changes as long as it’s like three or four months out before we ship the
goods and then the other mines that we have is price points we want to have a
tiered price point system in a perfect world where the entry level consumer
could try one of these out for $2.99 you know somebody who’s more entities
can get like an average version with the riser and somebody who’s really into
like the modding side of things or having like that that really polished
looking unit can get the bells and whistles included whether it’s light-up
marquee the Sanwa buttons and joysticks and you know and now we’re rolling out
the light-up deck protector stuff like that so we’re hoping to implement a
tiered system I was in for my perfect world there would be various different
tiers but that could also change depending on consumer demand in retailer
demand but the other question that popped in real quick from Zohar super
chat now basically what so David will arcade one a pre-release any of the
older cabinets with better sticks better sound better features specifically
Mortal Kombat he doesn’t want a lot does he no just a couple questions
no just Mortal Kombat don’t you know my team he’s telling me yes but I’ve heard
that answer for like six months now so you know I’m told it will eventually
happen but that comes back to like the retailer demand so retailers are coming
to us and said hey this this particular unit Street Fighter packed me in world
combat they did really well we’d like to introduce more of them and just by
default as the years have gone on our products got better so screens you know
less what do they call that when you like it bleeds when you go over to the
side fades I’m not entirely sure like the lumen ology yeah like yeah yeah yeah
light bleed where we emitted that you know we upgraded some of our buttons
from day one joysticks and deck protectors implementation custom risers
etc so the answer in theory is yes but I have personally I don’t know what my
sales team has negotiated with retailers as of right now so I don’t know which
titles in particular I think Mortal Kombat will be one of them Street
Fighter likely as well I’m not entirely sure which of the waveone tie
are for sure gonna happen and if they do probably queue for this year if this
situation resolves itself in the next couple months that’s that’s likely
what’s gonna happen hey Doug Eminem has a question for you to ask David there in
the YouTube says when will arcade 1up make their own light up marquees will
they make them for all games so I know there’s probably some people out there
looking for older generation one light up Marquis but they’re looking to see
just officially can they buy light up Marquis separately yeah we want to
implement those I think right now Scott’s making the decision you know do
retailers want it do we want to sacrifice the shelf space
we have to roll these out because you got to imagine the amount of SKUs we
have how much shelf space that would take up and you know in the space of six
of these light up marquees you could probably fit another SKU of arcade
machines so from a business perspective especially with retail space being so
limited in today’s day and age it’s tough to make that call so if we do do
it which I know the team’s planning on doing it it’ll probably need
direct-to-consumer on our own website and I’m not entirely sure if it’s gonna
cover the full range or you know just the most popular titles but the the
solution that I’ve seen so far will be able to retrofit to an existing machine
so if you bought wave one pac-man you’ll likely be able to buy wave one pac-man
light up marquee upgrade hopefully soon and that’s probably q4 if they do it
this year very cool yeah and Glenn you have a I’m sorry I just saw your name
was highlighted I don’t know if that’s yeah complimented myself all right all
right doc you gotta read it you gotta be there’s another super good I love your
global fan page on Facebook I think you’re a genius to bring communities
together like that we need that right now
thank you trying I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying to hold it in I am will let
will let things are I appreciate it elect Lin’s head deflate
for a little bit we’ll do a quick a quick plug for us here and and we’re you
know like I said we’re not really making anything on this but you guys asked for
we’ve got retro buzz t-shirts and there’s probably about like ten of you
guys that have ordered this already so thank you for those that already ordered
it there and I’m gonna be completely transparent with you two dollars is made
for every shirt so far and they’re at a really cheap price right now that money
I’m gonna take and put into people vas for the embroidered hats it’s kind of
like my tech buzz one that I wear but we’re gonna get a retro buzz it’s $50 to
get the screen made for the embroidery so all that money is gonna be put back
into that so we’re essentially I’ve already talked to the guys we’re making
nothing on it we don’t want to make any money off of it but you can come on here
and you can pick any color that you want whether you want the the that’s the
front the back hand that’s part look so much better and yes human and Glen does
not like a look at I’ll zoom in Glen Glen doesn’t look like he was punched in
the face by Mike Tyson see so there’s some other stuff you practicing you know
you can get hoodies you can get stickers kids shirts mugs all different colors we
have that available if you go to the tech buzz net slash store or you can go
to T public comm slash I think it’s the retro buzz or it’s the tech buzz I’m not
sure but it says the retro buzz store that you can go in and like I said we
wanted to find a place that was inexpensive to make these shirts right
so you know people aren’t paying an arm and a leg for a shirt and right as a
matter of fact right now they’re actually cheaper than buying toilet
paper so yeah you may have to use it as toilet paper one day but you know a we
you know we can’t we can’t do that we can’t say that but so David I’ve got a
question for you in regards to the arcade one-up work you know you’ve heard
this on other shows we’ve talked about it with John Dee in nauseam but for me
running out of room for the arcades what I’d really like to see and I don’t know
if this is something on the Platte in it and if the community agrees I’d like to
see some special edition type cabinets something that has special
markings on them that you know kind of become like a collector’s type of a
cabinet kind of not not like the Marvel because the Marvel was just like a
certificate nobody would walk into your game room and know that it’s a limited
edition but something that just kind of screams limited-edition right mm-hmm
yeah yeah we’re working on stuff I don’t want to give anything away but
essentially you know you’ll look at a unit that’s in the marketplace and
they’ll be noticeable differences and actually one of our new titles will
probably roll out with that in the next three to six months so we hear you it’ll
be it’ll scream collector’s piece it’ll have its own you know features I’m
trying to think how to how to say it without saying it but definitely have a
point of difference where you’ll where you look at it and you’ll say okay
that’s that’s that’s a rare piece of machinery right there it’ll be like a
Ferrari of arcade one ops the the next level of Israel is that it is that in
relation to the tech bust cabinet that’s the tech bust Caffey dubs PETA on to
know if you can elaborate on this whole light-up deck protector if I’m am I
reading that right there guys on YouTube yeah yeah yeah so our NBA I think it’s
the $4.99 version it’s gonna have NBA all the Frogger and pac-man fortieth
there’s gonna be versions that have light-up duck detectors so when you have
your arcade room on dim lighting just like most people do Steven your arcade
room is probably the best example of that how it’s always like you know blue
and dark but you’ll be able to see the light up marquee it’ll glow and then
you’ll be able to see the deck protector just kind of like the third arcade in
the third machine in there it’ll just emit light it’ll just add an extra to
the to the control panel and it’ll be easier to see the buttons as well and
the joystick so if you’re gaming in the dark like a lot of you guys do it’ll
it’ll just add that extra spark and to the point of you know having points of
difference on our units that’ll be a significant one can the other thing that
we see here in the in the chatroom cursed existence
to remind Dave with the spill the SDCC 19 story that John Dee says is very
funny I actually have that written down on my paper here to him with that where
what you can and can’t say tonight it so many parts that story that I probably
could yeah or you could just do air quotes yeah I mean you don’t have to go
into full-on VR here just let it loose Scott’s in there he and cake care of the
story so this was do like John T min like John Dee oh yeah no rules okay my
Jule hang on so yeah so John and I had worked together for a couple months
prior to this outing but it was our first real night of like getting to know
each other and like kind of bonding it’s as colleagues so we went out and like
just had a great time we went to various different parties in in San Diego
throughout comic-con and needless to say he can hold his alcohol a lot better
than I can so after venturing out in the evening
and and you know parts of the night not being fully clear the next morning at
the booth I showed up you know I don’t I think the show started I like 9:00 a.m.
and I’m talking to my friends and I was just like hey or like sorry Mike my
colleagues and I was like hey like have you guys seen John or like no not yet
I think he’s uh he’s up yet and I was like oh god it was so strange like I I
went out to the bar with him you know I couldn’t I got kicked out of one of them
and then I tried to get back in and and he just left me man the guy left me high
and dry he went out to party with all the people we were with and and and he
you know he just fully ditched me like I thought we were good buddies you know
anyway sorry I felt sick to my stomach hang on it so I felt sick too much
at this point I went to the washroom I came back after like 20 minutes and
they’re like hey John just swung by but his story’s a little different than
yours so what happened was apparently I had gone to the bar they didn’t let me
in for appropriate reasons I presume and then he had walked me back to the hotel
and said hey buddy this is it like you know go to your room I think you’ve had
a good enough night and I didn’t know he dropped me off at the hotel so I walked
for probably 20 blocks got lost in San Diego and had to take a cab back and all
the while he had dropped me off at the hotel that I needed to be at in the
first place throughout that journey you know the 20 block walk I had taken I you
know met strangers became friends with these guys at a different bar like it
was a crazy crazy crazy night so yeah that was that was really that that’s the
the PG version of the story without going too far into the details but it
was a great time I was the first time I got got to know I mean like we pretty
much that’s a good PSA anytime you’re going out drinking with John Dee careful
you never know where you end up yeah yeah if you ever want a good time
whatever event you’re at with John Dee ask him to take you out and you either
won’t remember oh my we got some super chats here to
get through Glen or Doug you guys want to hit that up so Daniel May says when
will we see new cabs in Australia any updates on worldwide good a mate yeah so
where we’re currently working with a distributor in Australia no timing
because I’ve been asking for timing for the last couple months now but the
conversations are on the orders are in it’s just a matter of when when they get
there and we’re trying to figure out I know it sounds like easy to just send
something to a different area but you have to do different testing for four
different regions and different warranties and stuff like that so the
product needs to go through like retesting and
you know you have to put different and it’s a bit of a process so it is
taking place Australia will be definitely getting some in the near
future but no timing probably like if I were betting man I’d say like five
months roughly could be shorter could be longer but that’s probably like the safe
safe number I got to take those big foster beer cans those big daggers that
they have out there you know that’s not a knife that’s a knife that’s funny we
had a few other ones somebody asked about golden axe timeframe and I know
you’re probably not gonna be able to give a timeframe but if you had to
estimate if the virus wasn’t here what would have been your estimation yeah we
were we were hoping for like a Father’s Day launch on that thing probably not
gonna happen just to be candid with you guys probably
like every title that we showed at CES will probably be in stores by you know
holiday that’s like the safest bet you can say but who knows like this this
whole global situation can go on for a longer time than we hope it will and
that could impact decision making but so far like you know like I mentioned
earlier the factors are still running right now and the only issue is that we
have a port in California that that’s just been closed so that could impact
things but the company’s so adaptive that I don’t see it really impacting us
significantly unless you know this issue worsens for an extended period of time I
think that’s something I’m hearing I’m sorry it’s whatever quick I’m hearing my
from my people people across the pond or actually South pond anywhere hey China
that factories factories are now at about 25 80 percent back to normal but
they’re still not there yet they’re dead and even I’m running at that capacity
there’s still months behind so yeah do a lot of catch-up but they’ll get there
that’s exactly that’s it Glenn people don’t realize that even if we get back
to normal but somewhat normal by mid-may you’re talking about poeple possibly six
months a backlog that they got to get through right I think David David
spot-on by saying like holiday this year Christmas this year somewhere around
that time for right because and that’s and
all still depends on if things don’t come back in another way I mean right
now it’s been good we’re still the midst of it here but there’s no telling right
now this couldn’t you know start up again in China and bring the factories
back down to a closing or longer be like the time so a school could be hard for
arcade wanted for anybody give any kind of dates at this point yeah so
unfortunately that’s we can be driving an 18-wheeler this summer you know David
we need you to go pick up you know a couple of containers worth of product
how good are you driving a Peterbilt you gotta sneak him across the border from
Mexico okay do that yeah I prefer Mack trucks but you know good
good bad yeah it really has been all hands on deck
lately like each department is kind of spreading its wings and and helping out
as needed you know with customer service being a part of the warehouse and
California that’s closing down myself and quite a few others are you know in
different departments or helping out as needed so you know it really is all
hands on deck mentality because we know you know consumer safety being to know
number one priority and then you know we have customer satisfaction as well which
is really close up there so it’s hard to to balance the how do you keep somebody
happy but also keep your team safe so you know right now I’m in my house and
and a lot of people are because I’m based in Canada it’s actually gonna be
really difficult for me to travel especially with us you know and the
border situation happening right now so it’s it’s definitely nerve-wracking but
the way the business is set up we have teams almost in every like major city so
we’re able to be agile and help out as needed we just don’t have a lot of
toilet paper that’s all we had there was another super tip that came in from
Zohar if you really rerelease a limited edition version of MORTAL KOMBAT
I would pay 500 no no I’ll pay 600 if you can go with half sticks so just
another option out there if you guys do it but again do you know one bill do you
buy the more on come on yeah exactly combat now and you can put your own half
sticks in it’s not a hard thing to do but I just really trying to say just
trying to say hey that’s rump getting that’s just an
option I’m just laying out options yeah just not here I’ll build one myself and
ship it to you for six hundred gotta sign it and you got to sign it too you
gotta sign david mcintosh special we got a question in the chat when he really
says the david will you confirm how close you guys are to having 1 million
cabinets sold john dee had mentioned it but it
retracted it a month ago said that they were close maybe he hadn’t hit that mark
yet you guys have you communicated with the sales department do you know if you
guys have hit that magical impressive number yet I didn’t know we hadn’t I
thought we had it’s uh if we hadn’t were very close it’s
definitely up there but I don’t know I mean I’m marketing they don’t really
come to me with that stuff they just say you hate these goods I get to work sweet
between me Stephen and Doug and P dubs and and retro Ralph we probably got too
close to million already yeah yeah that we’re up there for sure and if I think
the reason John retracted it because it may not have been there may have been
sold I think he’s looking for a number sold through at retail versus sold in
you know I’m saying so yeah I think we have exceeded that number it’s just a
matter of a true transact at the register yeah exactly yeah still very
impressive yeah question trading is well unquote for critics basically want to
know if you guys ever considered adopting like a numbskull type of
strategy going a little bit smaller you know on your desk type I know you kind
of do it with the you know the clicker Mini case type of thing but more of a
arcade design and a slightly bigger smaller yet bigger factor I guess
because I click o smaller than your horses at the moment have you guys seen
the new counter cage we should off at CES those are pretty like their tiny bit
smaller than the original counter cage but those are gonna be like the hottest
item I think for us in terms of units sold because they’re going to be like
$100 retail price point versus the $200 counter cage and it’s the same
joystick button configuration is the same scale in terms of buttons and feel
in play the team has happened to redesign it in
a very intelligent way to bring the cost down significantly so I think that may
be the solution you’re looking for and if not where we’re always expanding into
new categories when I think in at CES we announced like six products but like six
new product categories with various new products within each category as well
like that company’s going wild are those my product development teams I know
they’re watching are those uh kind of affected by the shipment also are we
gonna see those anytime soon because honestly I’d like to get a Dig Dug one
and put it up here on the you know it’s part of like a in the show type thing
like I like I do with some of the other stuff that I have for a hundred bucks I
mean you know like you said that yeah you can’t beat that price is that
something that’s gonna be coming sooner if you don’t get it that doing Doug
could take a whole for you to probably next couple months probably cool oh
sweet things may change you know is like you know with I know first rack they’re
on their way yeah so I mean we’re gonna get a park a
one-up order winning man do we get a Walmart Game Stop what’s what is that
gonna be an arcade one-up exclusive what are we talkin I we got way too much buy
and from retailers on that that item the biggest feedback we had from retailers
was the price point was a little high you know what I mean I’m sure we can all
relate to that I thought that my product team thought that at the end of the day
the cost for the unit yeah it was definitely up there so our PD team went
to work and just re-engineered the entire thing and found a way to bring
the cost down they looked at you know different materials in terms of wood
versus plastic just to really bring it down but I don’t know how we figured it
out with wood but they managed it to get it so you know again kudos to that seam
and and you know it would be available probably most major retailers but I
think one one retailers talking quantities to the point where they’re
they’re maybe looking at exclusivity but we don’t know that yet so to me today I
misspoke for unqualified critics I guess he was actually looking for the same
scale the same quarter-scale you do now but just much
more our trade accurate these ways we were looking for so the same form fact
you make now how you considering making them much more realistic to the actual
cabinet design of the arcade versus the generic design we’ve had in the past
yeah I think you’re seeing that with like Burger Time and Star Wars
I’m packing in 40th with the cabaret style side panels I think it’s like it’s
it’s a goal of ours to to get as close as possible but you also need to have a
differentiating factor as well like what your unique selling proposition is in
terms of like a market positioning so you got to think you know why would
let’s say you know I’m not gonna use any names but like a traditional arcade
manufacturer wants an exact replica at 1/8 of the price you know you know what
I’m saying so you gotta gotta figure that there has to be some point of
difference but you know we do want to get it closer to arcade perfect and I
think you’ll see with that special edition I was talking to you about
coming down the pipeline with that really unique Ferrari ask design and
value you’ll start to see that too and I apologize for the pitter-patter my dogs
just running all over the place in my department right now now you wear your
dog your dog okay I’ll bring them up in just a sec dang I got a French Bulldog
ah so with you guys in the chat room here real quick while David grabs his
dog you guys in the chat room on Facebook if you’ve got questions I know
we’re not catching everybody there but if you can do like at the tech buzz or
at Stephen or at Doug or at that Glen so that way we can make sure that we see
them we’re seeing someone on YouTube because some of the guys are doing super
chats which unfortunately there’s no way to do that on Facebook so just kind of
put the @ symbol right before our name and it should come up or I don’t know if
David’s even in Facebook if he is you can you can do that as well but just
want to kind of put that there so everybody kind of knows but it looks
like David’s car his name is Louie Louie we anybody and then and now the views
just tripled because we have a dog on there that’s it yeah well you guys are
you holding a dog there we have never so a question about any chance of
increasing the 17 inch screen size to like a 19 or bigger ah there will be a
unit with a bigger screen down the road I know that but I can’t again talk about
it at the moment it’s just the project we’re working on explaining the screen
size I don’t know if it’ll be the same scale I don’t know if it’ll be the same
form factor but we understand that screen size has been you know one of the
big comments so the issue we have right is that we’ve made so many of these
things that you get you get a fantastic deal using the same size screen so to go
into different markets the price point would then have to increase so it
becomes one of those for those of you who were here from the beginning of the
show and I talked about tiered arcade machines it would probably become one of
the top tier options if we ever do follow that business model I like that
idea hmm I am I am one of those guys I’ll
just be honest like I have the golden tea and I have the turtles that have you
know the color risers and stuff but I you know going back I see a lot of
people asking about the rise of shortage and everything like that I’m kind of
with them I really like the black risers because all my other arcades that the
black risers I’m not one that a lot of these guys are putting screens on them
and and putting graphics on them I’m just kind of like it looks good with the
black and it my fear is yeah yeah like this this clown right here I’ll show
that again yeah like that so you have something like that and next thing you
know like I have a 7 year old and I have an 11 year old how long before their
foot goes right through that because they’re sticking their foot on top of it
or if it’s Glenn’s face they’ll probably just like kick it in but I won’t be
surprised I mean that’s that’s my big fear with like even putting a graphic on
it my son has a tendency when he uses a stool over there he sets his feet right
on top of the riser and then he’ll kind of do this with his feet and it could
like peel the graphic I don’t know maybe I’m over paranoid but
that’s why they’re called kick plates well yeah yeah that’s right kick he
kicks him he does kick it but he kicks the riser more than anything so I don’t
know that’s just my my two cents on that guy come it can I throw it somehow went
we’re said having options can I work that into that somehow they start the
option back if you want it what a generic riser or Glen’s face on all the
risers glad that would be great actually I think you should people could kick my
face all day long happens at work miles will happen when you’re home playing as
well it just just kicked me in the face we got a super chat from Sean powers
this is David will there be a Burger Time joist uh excuse me joystick fix the
8 Way is just so frustrating and annoying to play Burger Time oh that’s
sad to hear yeah we’ll have some stuff on that soon we’ll have we’ll have some
proper messaging to go out we understand that that’s an issue we actually we
figured out it was an issue at CES and a Toy Fair but at that point it had gone
through the manufacturing process so there definitely will be a solution in
place and then your future thanks for hanging in there though and we
appreciate your support on the Burger Time unit you’ll be happy to hear what
we have to say in the next couple of days very cool yeah well John John here
is asking about the drunken San Diego comic-con story I had he missed it
unfortunately I told the pg-13 version so John you want to come in at the post
show and tell us the r-rated version please join us at the post David’s like
no he wants that’s the thing that guy doesn’t have any filter training wheels
on oh so you can do as he pleases yeah so what about the pinball let’s talk
pinball a little bit yes so how obviously again this is all
impacting the pinball is it likely I mean because I know you guys if I’m not
mistaken that was kind of like a quarter three launch or even holiday launch of
this year is that gonna push that into you know
21 now for launch oh no this is gonna be one of our blockbuster items this
holiday get your credit cards ready boys she’s coming yeah that’s the one David
is driving the mesh pick up and make sure everyone gets on time yeah save
some money I’ll hop in a pickup yeah exactly yeah save up kids are gonna be
like hey where’s my Christmas presents and I call crap I forgot about the kids
all right well I know a lot of people get toilet paper for Christmas right somebody needs to created when we get
wrapping paper they should well they had booger man those kind of
cool yeah yeah I guess that’s similar right that’s funny so we as wants to
know if David vapes oh boy ah yes not not the e-cigarette kind of babe but
I’ll leave it at that oh you’re Canadian so yeah yeah it’s
legal up here what I do yeah got to relax somehow you know what I’m
saying it’s medicinal yeah yeah yeah call it what you need man helps you
sleep help you relax take a vacation you know walk 30 blocks to least they’re
only block strange hotel somewhere talk it’s some guy yeah drew one more after
after San Diego comic-con I kind of cut back on my drinking so vaping is the
safe way for me to enjoy an evening are you sure are you sure that John didn’t
spike your drink you know that happens to you know trust me it wasn’t there
wasn’t anything funky going on it was just looking back at it I have like
patrons of us just taking shots and there’s like 30 different pictures you
know 30 different tricks so it wasn’t nothing funky going on there just uh too
much light weight you know it’s interesting as all the all the machines
you’ve been selling how have your cocktail tables been
so I actually really like the like that black if the pac-man cocktail table we
gonna see more items and that form factor
certainly yeah the categories doing very well and
retailers that I wouldn’t normally carry us or wouldn’t normally sell arcade
games are really interested because we’ve now entered a functional furniture
category with those things because you know we see them as playable cocktail
tables had to had units with whatever you want to call them retailers look at
them as you know a coffee table that has a ton more value-added you know if you
go and see like a nice high-end coffee table it’s in the relative same price
range and get one that does nothing or you can get one that you can jam out on
your favorite retro games plus it has you know authentic artwork and stuff so
for us it the category is doing very well and we’re getting a lot of retail
pickup as well so you’ll definitely see new titles new form factors maybe so you
know definitely keep your fingers on the pulse there on all of our social media
pages for the latest news well let’s how has your pac-man Atari joystick the
retro Ralph edition how those things been progressing well they’re great
except we’re shipping them with the head backwards now so you know there won’t be
any communication or miscommunication on those things but they’re also doing very
well lots of lots of retail interest on those things they’re going to be like a
huge party favorite in the near future it’ll be like the you know the corn
scene favorite for sure when you have they were definitely a favorite for
parties I think beforehand but I think you added family to it which is a port
so that’s good yeah we’re making a pg-13 version let’s go back to the cocktail
tables real quick price point on that do you guys feel like you hit the mark with
that or do you kind of feel like the way some of us do for what it is and the
size of it it’s it’s bit pricey for what it is yeah I hear what you’re saying at
the end of the day like I don’t have too much saying in terms of pricing right we
sort say we get it made and I just sell it you know so
I agree with you like I hear what you’re saying it’s kind of like the counter
Cades consumers really drive the business so if you guys continue to give
that feedback then it’s likely to implement change on subsequent product
and somebody wanted to know the recessed monitor is that something that’s gonna
happen going forward I guess kind of like and I lost the chat because it went
up through it but I don’t know if they’re referring to the way like golden
tea is and some of those other ones that have that recessed glass yeah so on
games that it works they’ll do it you know what I’m saying like if you got to
consider the design of the unit the depth of the unit and stuff like that so
if we got if you guys keep wanting more such screens like by all means just keep
giving that feedback I think I think it’s packed me at 40th Golden Tee and a
few others that they’re starting to roll it out on and it’s getting tremendously
good feedback so we’re definitely to keep that momentum and keep keep
designing them that way if that’s what you guys want
unqualified critic said that he was fine with the price point he said was about
seven inches too short I know he went out and put little legs on the on the
bottom to raise it with that being option like a kind of doing with your
pinball machines we have maybe some adjustable legs that can drop down and
lock in place to to raise it up a little bit some people if they want that that’s
actually really smart I personally haven’t thought of that I’m not I’m sure
the team has but if not that should be like an accessory or like an option
something maybe you retrofit to the existing unit I don’t know I’m sure
there’s like a cheap solution out there to mod your existing one but when the
team did the design it’s actually like an inch or two shorter than the original
cocktail cabinet so it’s like 98 percent scale in terms of height so I think the
team did a fantastic job in terms of hitting the scale but I do agree with
you it need to bend over a little bit playing it I mean I’m 62 so I do I do
feel a bit more hunched playing it but you know overall it’s still a great
experience I just think if you want it raised you know currently look for
options to get it taller yourself and maybe down the down the road we look
we’ll look at options to make it taller ourselves but it’s tough when you look
at the design of the unit and the features and stuff and the packaging
there’s not really like an inch of breathing room in any of the
design we have and it has to be certain Heights for certain reasons whether it’s
UPS shipping or FedEx shipping limitations or shipping weight and stuff
like that so I think they’ve really pushed the limits in terms of what’s
what’s doable but doesn’t mean that they can’t implement innovations moving
moving forward you know great feedback I don’t know the answer and good options I
know you you can’t buy these small little like peg legs you would put on
you know furniture and I think it’s one qualified critics it’s done so you can
definitely do it just an option to kind of be nice one
size maybe a hit a little button to drop down the legs lock it in place just just
little feedback that’s all being Glen somebody had a super chat about the
pinball about removing all about they went oh yeah what’s a troop in the game
was I think they want me to do my Star Wars rant that I’m not sure if it’s
licensing you know Polly can’t do anything about it but a lot of us do not
like the the new trilogy artwork because it’s not really Star Wars its Kathleen
Kennedy’s whatever it is I don’t know but I guess it is whether became this
released with just original artwork or it’s always going to be that design due
to you know Lucas and Disney requiring the odd artwork on the cabinet the
pinball machine because somebody Star Wars somebody totally not that all words
it’s fake that’s funny you say that yeah I don’t really have heavy involvement in
terms of the artwork or any of the negotiations on the contract but I do
want to write to buy something I said earlier because I saw John here
commented that there will be options in the future to raise the height on the
cocktail tables probably something similar to the pinball very nice
excellent yeah so back to the important question about Star Wars no on this side
of the cabinet we have we have our nice original trilogy we have Luke we got
Leia we got Han Chewie and on this side there are some crazy creatures no one
really understands them the movie stunk and they really have no value so just
bring out their weight put that why don’t you just do half and half Glenn
put the original on one side and put the the new trilogy on the other side so you
get the best of both worlds well that’s what’s on it now you have that’s what
they’ve done okay so what’s the prize here’s the product well actually I have
a solution people out there that new artwork seems to be on the right-hand
side so you’re gonna put your pinball machine up against the wall on the right
side oh oh oh get your hand in on this side this way enough to look at that
whatever that is rape OOP OOP oh I don’t know whatever that is
thanks Catherine Kennedy for routing Star Wars appreciate it wow that’s
brutal there’s got personal really quickly yeah
David you should have a better answer for it because now that’s all we’re
gonna hear the rest of the night you do realize that right well you like the
start was arcade right that’s a beautiful machine great artwork on it
all the way around did a phenomenal job the yoke the artwork everything I got
through pinball machine half the machine is beautiful in half is uh that must not
Dulles tell us how you really feel it’s just
one man’s opinion true but so the star since we’re on Star Wars the Star Wars
sit down Glenn does that does that meet your standards this the Starwood arcade
one-up has the seat down bench you know what I am drooling over that because you
guys you know I have I actually have a oh that’s okay oh yeah that’s beautiful
that’s great and I can’t wait for the modding community to build the top parks
yeah I know for a fact that once that that seat comes out for the Star Wars
someone’s gonna enclose that sucker and I cannot wait to see who’s the first to
do that whether it be Bruce Yeager or somebody else I don’t know but I cannot
wait for that’s that seat to come out because when I I played it twice I
played in Dunkin Donuts back in the day for the stand-up but to sit down it’s
just a totally different experience and I can’t wait for that thing to get out
can’t cannot wait because you know what there’s no there’s no new trilogy on
that it’s great what do you think David is that coming anytime this this year as
well yeah definitely I think it’s a fall launch now that could be sold
gently right as well as sold as a kit with the cabott and everything in it it
is that true I think right now it’s been sold through a retail with the with the
bench and the unit itself I do think the teams trying to sell it or on our own
like through our Kol comm or the bench itself separately like you know what I
mean so you can get the unit without a riser or bench hopefully or a bench on
its own so you can retrofit an existing starwars but that probably won’t be for
a little while right now very cool speaking of arcade one up calm David
you guys have had the website up for a while and you’ve been selling
independently through that what have been some of the lessons learned and the
challenges you guys have faced you know being a retailer so to speak on your own yeah so the issue we found with the
first pre-order was the delivery so the issue we’re having is like people do
pre-orders and they’re like you know I expect this or like when people order on
Amazon for example like today’s day and age consumer behavior is so different
like they they order something they expected their same day next day
following day so we didn’t really understand the consumer mindset and then
when we pre-ordered you know we set the expectations that will be available in
you know couple months but of course there’s logistical hiccups as you’re
doing this for the first time so with Burger Time you know to tie this all
into one story here we had aimed for a March 1st shipment
which we actually had a pre ship we ship the two weeks early earlier than we said
we were going to but the issues that had occurred you know global pandemic wise
within the timeframe of shipping those units had just happened so when we said
this is our one shot to fix it let’s not mess anything up we should two weeks
early to make sure we could hit the ship day we promised and of course there was
still an issue with it so we’re still trying to get the the pre-order process
right I mean we did everything on our end to execute and deliver to the to the
dates we promised it’s just there’s certain things that are out of your
control ie global disasters but
other other things we’re learning our price points shipping costs stuff like
that we’re still playing around if they were hoping to have you know not as
expensive shipping in the future that that’s something we’re always
negotiating with FedEx some things are just out of our control like I think I
saw a deck protector go for less than the cost of shipping to someone’s house
at some point I was like this is crazy so we’re trying to find solutions to
make our e-commerce experience one that people actually enjoy and one that they
can trust and deem credible so that’s that’s something we’re always working on
in trying to trying to improve also appreciate that yeah no problem in so
appreciate you guys you’re the first three to pre-order I saw the names yep so before we got to wrap up here any
other questions that you guys have for David and those of you that are just
stick around a little bit for post-show you can always jump in and call in and
whatnot and ask him will have a line open but any other burning questions
about the new launch I mean unfortunately pandemics here I mean
there’s nothing we could do about it or any product remark yeah I mean he can
only give you so much information I know Glenn you you and you were talking
before that you were really excited for those miniature consoles that you could
set around yeah I’m looking at getting some of those too to kind of use this
decor in the arcade slash studio and I know you’re you’re really big on that
yeah I have already have those are expensive yeah when I thought I got two
of each on those suckers but the Coleco the cleco mini cage I
mean they’re just iconic all right there yeah pac-man they have miss pac-man they
got Donkey Kong they got Frogger they have zaxxon they’re just great
and I can’t wait to see what they coming out with and I know that we’re making
more but I’ll definitely be in line with those even I got the the Robo tech that
was released by Coleco they had a Kickstarter last year and it’s just an
iconic shell great design great game so I cannot wait for those but I also can’t
wait to get my hands on the mini consoles I want that Atari I want the
Intellivision with the ColecoVision I want the Commodore 64
or you guys are gonna make me broke I gotta I gotta be able to go out and get
my I knew he had to be able to trade that for like six or K pops in a couple
weeks it does say premium premium extra sauce
you go right there premium extra sauce so so Zohar wants to know is there any
uh any timeframe for possible releases for more combat now we’re back to mortal
combat yet that’s our I think he’s all about it manners were interested in
relaunching some of wave one bye-bye cute for like I think that’ll be
available for holiday I can’t say which retailer now and the timing exactly but
it’s they’re on their way like I can’t guarantee you mortal combat
will be one of the rerelease titles but it’s up there on the list for sure but
here’s that here’s a thing too if they could be released like these cabinets
they gotta have the future like the NBA GM now this could be like playing Mortal
Kombat over the internet with your friends somewhere else like watching
Steven or duck beat the crap out of me in Mortal Kombat it’d be just great you
know so any chemist get really the both of those like yeah we’re gonna do it any
I think arcade one up they do release can that’s like the old style it would
really be a nice feature to have that connectivity to play your friends
elsewhere because n I could play them an asteroid well with then so it’s you know
give or take definitely I mean when you guys think about it we redeveloped NB HM
in an arcade format for the first time ever to be online capable so the company
had had taken a step outside of its comfort zone instead of just
manufacturing arcade machines to developing game so for the first time
ever we did that and you know kudos to the team again for the development
because it really turned out fantastic it’s very streamlined very very easy to
do but Scott invested a lot of money to do that so to do it on every single
release probably not but there may be a title or two that does come with it and
I’m telling you right now the fact that he’s making it
free is really just like a hot tip to the community you know I mean like he’s
not charging any ridiculous like hourly fees or monthly fees or any any sort of
subscription base he’s just you know you buy the unit free online capabilities
he’s finding that himself it’s he funded the development himself and it’s just
gonna be a fantastic experience for you guys I really look forward to to jamming
out with you guys over the Internet you know especially if things continue
to lean towards social isolation it would be nice to connect that way yeah
absolutely so the power grid goes down we have no internet oh don’t even don’t
even say that we don’t over there hey David real quick somebody reminded me of
a question and we gotta have to wrap at least this portion of it up silver
strike bowling apparently was was shown at CES on on with the golden team that
still is that still in the works because somebody said that it was removed from
the floor a day or two after it was shown was that oops or was that a signs
of things to come yeah I don’t think that was supposed to
be on the show floor from being honest that was that was missed I can tell by
your reaction yeah can’t comment on that one okay I just I know again somebody
had somebody had stayed up but anyways David thank you so much for joining us
you guys check them out arcade one up comm any parting words for everybody
David I always have a hard time with these because I say the same thing every
time so I’m gonna try and think of something on you you know in this time
of panic and stuff and fear just try and you know spend time with your loved ones
enjoy enjoy your downtime additional hours at home you know recuperate charge
yourself up and and enjoy life because you know it’s too short you know there’s
too much panicking going on just just try and you know enjoy your best life
and just do what you enjoy some people may enjoy playing games
some people may enjoy spending time with their family but just you know do what
makes you happy awesome well thank you for joining us
and take a time for those that are in post show he’ll stick around for a
little bit also want to thank mr. Douglas Smith slash cool toy
go subscribe I don’t need to tell everybody to subscribe they know where
you’re at and and also blend plant ameno checking
about slash Glenn’s retro show and you just you just did a recent
video with mr. critics correct so yes he’s a good guy too
that’s the more say I was gonna say just David but then nobody knows like like
you just said David more things about that qualify critics is he seems to
understand that the turbo graphics 16 is superior than ganging up on me
you found the support oh wait I’m insane minion I’m in the Sega camp with you I’m
in say you camp with you until I get it come on wait a sec I all growing up my
brother wanted Nintendo I wanted Sega he could tell you that okay so I’m telling
you your brother knew what he was doing and you didn’t he tried to get you get
you I get it I had the Masters anyways Glen planet man Oh check about slash Glenn’s retro show guys I’m the tech buzz pretty much
everywhere go check it out again if you want to subscribe to this podcast it’s
in audio and video form everywhere your favorite podcast is is that go subscribe
if you came in late or if you didn’t get to hear the post show you need to come
live because the post show sometimes things come out it just happens that way
but really appreciate it all you guys tuning in and we’ll see you next week
for the retro buzz you


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  • Thanks guys! Quick question… Will Arcade 1Up have Bluetooth options? It would be great to immerse yourself in the game while wearing wireless headphones.

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