Arcade1Up BurgerTime Limited Edition Arcade Review!

Arcade1Up BurgerTime Limited Edition Arcade Review!

what initially began its life as a
karate champ themed cabinet, originally shown to the public at CES in 2019. Is
now taking a new life as the limited-edition BurgerTime cabinet. After
some time spent collecting community feedback the team over at arcade 1up
decided to go back to the drawing board and change up the look and design of the
original karate champ prototype in favor of the BurgerTime themed cabinet you see
before you today and it wasn’t just different graphics left on the machine
to make this change but rather a complete overhaul of the product
entirely for starters you won’t be able to find this cabinet at your local
retailers this cabinet is only being sold exclusively on the arcade website and is limited to 3075 units
priced at $399 each this limited-edition cabinet comes with all the bells and
whistles featuring a unique cabinet shape with rounded side panels
reminiscent of the original Burger Time arcade machines nestled atop the unit is
an illuminated marquee with Peter pepper and mr. hot dog and beautiful red
cabinet trim along the sides of the control panel they really make this
cabinet pop this arcade also comes with a separate riser adorned with custom
graphics around the sides continuing with the Burger Time theme
the control deck is where things really start to distance themselves from the
original Burger Time arcade cabinet this one has a unique layout designed to
allow for ideal gameplay experience from each of the four different included
games on this machine where the original Burger time cabinet had a single
joystick centered on the control deck with single action buttons on each side
this one now features four joysticks and four action buttons respectively
included games are amongst some of my favorite titles from data East Burger
Time karate champ caveman ninja and bad dudes ran out the stellar lineup for
those of you not familiar with some of these games you might glance at this
control deck initially and think that this allows for four players to get in
on the arcade action but that’s simply not the case the four joysticks are
specific for use while playing karate champ as each player controls two
joysticks apiece in order to pull off the player’s actions within the game for
the remaining titles on this cabinet each player will utilize the leftmost
stick on each player’s side as well as the action buttons
hello the controls and buttons themselves are of the same recent
quality we’ve seen on many other recent releases from arcade one up while not
name-brand they do well to offer the player an arcade experience and control
and while examining these joysticks themselves these are actually the same
Sanwa style clones we’ve seen other recent releases and had the same square
gates on all four of the joysticks joysticks themselves are actually eight
way and not dedicated four-way joysticks and this is certainly a bit of a
head-scratcher as all for the included titles on this cabinet would have
greatly benefited from having dedicated four-way joysticks over the eight-way
sticks that were delivered apparently this was an accidental oversight that
was caught a little too late in the production run at the Burger Time
cabinet it really caused the issue with the eight-way joystick being shipped
instead of 4-way joysticks now when asked directly on the retro buzz David
Macintosh from arcade 1up says there is an official solution coming to resolve
this issue from arcade went up very soon dropper messaging to go out we
understand it that’s an issue we actually we figured out it was an issue
at CES and a toy fair but at that point it had gone through the manufacturing
process so there definitely will be a solution in place and then your future
thanks for hanging in there though and we appreciate your support on the burger
time unit you’ll be happy to hear what we have to say in the next couple of
days but until then there’s actually a relatively cheap and easy solution that
I’ve got for you that can actually change those eight-way joysticks into
four-way joysticks you can purchase these 4-way restrictor gates that
replace the stock ones that came on this arcade unit then in a matter of moments
you can swap out the old gates with these new ones that restrict the
diagonal movement of the existing stock joysticks essentially transforming these
eight-way joystick into the four-way joysticks that would have been ideally
included from the very start the volume slider works well to adjust the single
speaker volume in individual increments during gameplay should you need to a
single speaker was utilized here over a dual speaker setup as none of these
games actually truly utilize stereo speakers originally players may notice
the volume output on this single speaker is actually slightly louder than other
recent released arcade 1-up cabinets such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or
the Marvel superheros cabinet both of which came with the new and improved
stereos from arcade one up in terms of gameplay
display there’s some unique changes that had to be made in order to accommodate
the vertically Alliance 17 inch screen on this unit while BurgerTime and Crotty
champ were designed for vertical screens Capeman ninja and bad dudes were
originally played on horizontal screens and while some may choose to foolishly
write this cabinet off because of those changes I found myself still enjoying
the gaming experience regardless of these changes made to the game display
adjustments and didn’t really find it to be at all distracting from gameplay
overall the actual measurement of the displayable play screen for bad dudes in
caveman ninja is 10 inches across and 12 inches diagonally and while you could
argue that they could have made the screen horizontal in this cabinet and
just given the vertical games black bars on the sides I think it’s important that
they chose to keep the title game BurgerTime unaltered and true to form in
its vertical orientation as these are truly some of my favorite data east
games ever released on this cabinet I had a blast playing all four games on
this unit burger time is as fun and addicting as it ever was in the original
arcades the challenge of not only advancing through the levels but chasing
your high-score leaderboard makes this an awesome experience and speaking of
high scores yes your high scores are saved across all four the included games
on this cabinet I’m very happy to say karate champ of course is a fantastic
experience on this machine as well thanks to the dedicated double joysticks
for each player something that was truly great thinking by the original game
designers as this unique control interface allows the player to really
feel a connected sense of action with the player on the screen as they fight
their way through the game in various head-to-head challenges this game throws
their way caveman ninja is a vibrant and colorful
platformer for two players that is filled with quirky enemies unique level
designs and fascinating power-ups strewn about the game for our prehistoric
heroes to find this game also features some very neat choose your own adventure
style elements intertwined as it allows the player to select different paths
throughout their gameplay that ultimately lead to a slightly different
gameplay ending depending on the choices made further bumping up that replay
value one of the pinnacles of 80s machismo was the arcade hit bad dudes in
it you and a friend have the amazing task of fighting through hordes of ninja
kidnappers as you race to save President Ronald Reagan from certain doom should
you prove successful in your heroic journey you get an amazing invite for a
burger with the former president himself bringing the theme of burgers on this
cabinet full circle and summarize my final thoughts on here quite frankly I
think this cabinets a winner with the overall cabinet design and shape I mean
specifically that Peter pepper shape truly iconic arcade and I really like
that they redesigned it they kind of scrapped the crowded champ even though I
was a big fan of the crowded chat design I really think they did the right thing
when they put Burger Time on here specifically with these Peter Piper’s
side panels I mean it’s a truly iconic arcade and I think it really really
really stands out the red trim is also a nice feature the four joysticks for that
unique karate champ action experience that’s great light at Marquee no one
does it better as an arcade 1up honestly if they don’t have any bracketing
there’s no silhouetting of screws or anything like that it’s just a very
beautiful fully lit marquee all the way across custom riser on the bottom
everything really just looks phenomenal the only flaw as we’ve already mentioned
was the 8 way joysticks instead of the 4 Way joysticks and since that’s easily
solved we’re just swapping out the restrictor gates that’s not really going
to be a deal-breaker for a lot of people I don’t think but if you are interested
in picking up one of these cabinets remember they are limited edition and
they are only available on the arcade 1up website and as of making this video
when I check today there was only less than 400 units still out there of the
3075 that they were making so if you want one I suggest getting one now
rather than waiting as a celebration of all things burgers
I’m gonna be giving away this little my arcade BurgerTime cabinet for you all
you have to do is like this video comment down below what your favorite
arcade 1up releases thus far and share this video with your friends that’s all
I ask at the end of the month I’ll be giving away this BurgerTime little unit
for anybody to enjoy but anyways it doesn’t for the video guys hope you
enjoyed the content subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and as
always thanks for watching guys it really means a lot you


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  • Still waiting on mine… according to their website I was in the first 1000 ordered but my status on their website says unfulfilled????

  • I enjoyed your discussion with McIntosh yesterday. At least we know Arcade 1up is listening to their fans!

  • Despite the minor nitpicks, Arcade 1Up has stepped up on improving their cabinets.

    A bit off-topic, but I hope New Wave Toys' next Replicade cabinet will be Burgertime. I'm dying to see them gain titles from other companies like Data East, Namco, etc.

  • 0:02 The intro song sounds like one of the songs off The Never Ending Story movie but it has a different tune to it. 🙂

    I prefer to win the Mortal Kombat arcade 1up instead because in my area they stop selling it and I was to late in buying one so now i'm upset and sad.

  • Great vid as always. Burger time and karate champ are great but the other 2 games don't do it for me and the replay ability is mediocre for those last 2. Also wish the cost was 350 or 299. Are you able to play karate champ on the legends cab? Can you you use both joysticks?

  • Had to pass on this one. Not a fan of the recessed marquee with all that dead space or the action buttons being so much lower than the joystick. You can see the awkward wrist position in the video with the palm hanging off the edge. First cabinet I passed on this far. Pac-Man cocktail is my recent favorite.

  • Cristopher Williams says:

    My favorite has been PAC-man as that was my first arcade experience I can remember. Walking into the burger joint and playing Pac-Man will never be forgotten.

  • Unqualified Critics says:

    Great video man no one has better production values! One point of clarification: Caveman Ninja + Bad Dudes are 8 way games so switching it up to 4 way gates still leaves those games compromised.

  • Nathan Sampson says:

    I have to say, Star Wars has been my favorite Arcade1up so far. I have Star Wars, TMNT, Final Fight, and the 12 in 1 so far. 12 in 1 is a close second, maybe it goes to the top when I replace the spinner. By the way, you have a fan not far from you, I’m in KC, maybe I’ll run into you at planet Comicon or one of the local arcades one day. Stay safe out there my friend.

  • The Star Wars cabinet is my favorite so far. And with the sit down bench, it really makes me want to finally get one.

  • Nathan Sampson says:

    Random question for all the arcade1up fans. I had a button go bad on a TMNT cabinet. Is there a way to just buy a replacement micro switch instead of the buttons with very expensive shipping from arcade1up?

  • Great video as per usual, I would have to say that my favorite is, probably Burgertime, and I won't even have it until Monday. I just love the uniqueness of the cabinet shape and artwork, not to mention spending countless hours playing bad dudes and Burger Time in my local arcade as a kid. I will be definitely sharing this video.

  • Nice Cooltoy, love The Never Ending Story intro. Nice to see us 80's fans recognize the tunes. Love my Costco MK bundle and TMNT cab. Not firing on this one as space is becoming limited and am waiting on the Sega cab and hopefully see a Golden Tee Silver Strike cab. Also interested in the pinball. I would not have mind getting this unit, but the space is limited.

  • I love them all, but for replay value, I have to say Golden Tee is my fave by far. Keep up the great work and great videos!

  • This is my favorite arcade 1up! Do you know if its possible to access the menu settings on burgertime? I whould love to have 5 lives…Damn this is a hard game! 🙂 keep the good work CoolToy!

  • Why is everything ignored edition now? It really bothers me they dont mass produce, and allow rollback sales. Not all of us can afford to jump on every single release right away. 400 seems pricey for this tiny cab too, but still it looks amazing. They could have threw in robotron or smash tv, total carnage with those joysticks. I am suprised they did not include food fight and tapper since bad dudes is an odd ball choice like lame karate champ. Never got into the caveman game either. People might have preferred metal slug, raiden, mercs, ninja garden, rolling thunnder, or even pit fighter. Great review. I still might buy this. My arcade room is getting full though, but sadly cant get one one.

  • Atgames Legends Ultimate… 100 bucks more 350 games not to mention you can bring your own games compared to this 1up cab that has what 3 to 4 games….all I am going to say… I know this was a free unit so you have to say positive things for 1up but still…. lol 😂

  • MichaelBtheGameGenie says:

    This is probably their nicest cabinet to date. Well right next to Star Wars. I really enjoyed the retro buzz last night and really hope they release their own light up marquees for the older cabinets. They are just so nice. TMNT is my favourite so far but that may change when I get my Star Wars cabinet next week

  • Hey Cooltoy. I would love to see an Altered Beast game play video sometime if possible! Love Fantasy! The coolest looking Arcade 1up coming out has to be the Golden Axe version! It also includes Altered Beast! Thanx for the video! Looking forward to the Dragon's Slayer Replicade Review Video coming in June 2020! Cant wait to get mine also! My USB Change Machine should be coming next week from New Wave Toys!

  • I have to disagree on one thing you said, but it needs some correcting. Bade Dudes definitely needs 8 way, and would not benefit from a 4 way. (Technically CMN too). But i have long played Bad Dudes, and the only way to super jump diagonally is to press an 8 way joystick diagonal up and hit the jump button. Otherwise you lose that move. I’m not familiar with CMN that much , but it came with an 8 way too. So you would take away from two games, to benefit for 1.

  • Hi Cool you love your videos do you know if there are any updates on when we may see no released cabinets in the UK we still only have the 1st versions from well over a year.

  • Kids luv TMNT. I play Pac a lot cuz I’m always holding a baby when I’m home. 12 in 1 is great but I’m gonna go with my Golden Tee!

  • I think arcade 1up should have added Heavy Barrel and Peter Peppers Ice Cream factory because they are vertical screens. Saved Bad Dudes and Caveman Ninja on a horizontal cab

  • Well China reports 100 New Cases of Covid 19, so you can scratch anything David Mac said last night .looks like they might want to bring the building back to the USA but that means 700 arcade 1up cabs if that happens So anyone wanting any new cabs gonna have to wait indefinitely

  • I love my Burger Time, I'm #1035, also like the certificate of authenticity.

    Do you have a link for the 4-way plate adapters?

    Thanks Cool Guy

  • I am one of the lucky ones that got a broken Burgertime. Five minutes of playing, hours of taking it apart and dealing with Arcade1Up’s customer service. It’s been a great experience.

  • Somebody please help me ! There’s a game thts set up like this game but your a cat or your running from cats. Same layout with the ladders and the trampolines to bounce up to the above floor. It’s very colorful and I’ve been trying to find it on the PS1 for so long from my childhood but I can’t remember the name to save my life help me !!!!!!

  • Just got mine yesterday what a freaking let down to hear about the 8 ways!! Excellent quality on your Vids Keep em coming COOLTOY!

  • So far ma favorite cab look wise is the burger time. Very unique with great color palette.
    Gameplay I really enjoy the different gameplay of Final fight!
    Great vid keep it up!

  • Appreciate everything you do COOLTOY! While I love the licensed cabs, like Marvel and TMNT, I gotta say this Burgertime might be the most well rounded! If they ever create a Wrestlefest cabinet I reserve the right to change my opinion…BROTHER!

  • Great video! I forgot how awesome Caveman Ninja arcade is. That and Bad Dudes are ones that I played back in the good ol days.

  • Wilson Singleton says:

    Right now out of the current line up, it's a toss up between Final Fight and Marvel Superheroes! Both are outstanding Cabinets. Thanks for your great reviews brother

  • Best cab thus far has to be Mortal Kombat. Gets the most game play out of my 5. That includes Star Wars, Street Fighter, TMNT, and Galaga. Great review as always Doug! Now to share on the twitters

  • Another great review Doug! The cabinets I find myself playing the most right now is my Atari 12 in 1 and Galaga. Arcade 1up let's see Robotron 2084 and both Original versions of Punchout and Super Punchout!

  • Videogame Vegas says:


    GREAT REVIEW!!! as always 🙂

    I REALLY wanted this cab, REALLY WANTED IT, but the only thing that held me back from getting it was the space I have left in my place. When I heard the rumblings of a possible future Arcade1up Dragon's Lair, or a possible Tron, I had to slow down. Plus, with Pinball on the horizon, tears were shed passing up on this beautiful piece 🙁

    I guess the horizontal aspect ratio games on the Burgertime screen, switching from vertical to horizontal, didn't faze me personally since I own the Atari 12 in 1. The Atari cabinet has a horizontal screen, so it does the same thing as the Burgertime cabinet, just in the reverse. Horizontal games like Asteroids and Missile Command take up the full screen, while vertical games like Centipede and Tempest take up just the center with black bars on either side.

    I originally thought the 17-inch monitor wasn’t going to be able to accommodate a good viewing experience before I actually got my hands on the Atari 12 in 1. What I failed to realize however is, that unlike playing emulations sitting back on a couch on a large HDTV, it’s a totally different experience when you’re playing on an actual arcade machine up close and personal. Like you, I didn't find it a problem when actually playing the games resized to fit their normal aspect ratio. For me, I don’t even notice the lost screen real-estate anymore.

    I love how you pointed out something about Bad Dudes I didn’t think about before. I have to admit, I’m not a fan of Bad Dudes. I wished Arcade1up could’ve swung Robocop to put in its place (LOVE THAT GAME), barring licensing and whatnot of course, but when you made the point that if you save the President at the end of Bad Dudes you get to have a burger with him, it all made sense. PRICELESS!

    Even with all my struggles with buying machines from Arcade1up, 4 out of the 5 machines I own had problems out of the box (one is still unresolved), seeing cabinets like the Burgertime one still makes me smile. I REALLY want to own one of their Pinball machines, but after a recent conversation I had with Glen in one of his comments to me, he really put it into perspective. When you buy a cabinet from Arcade1up right now, it’s really “luck of the draw” to whether you’ll get one with issues or not. It looks like I’m the Yin to Glen’s Yang (though somehow, I may have gotten that reference totally wrong :P). I get all the problem ones and he gets all the good ones. Balance to the universe and all that 🙂

    Thanks again for the great review!


    P.S. Though I love that you’re giving away a Mini-Burgertime machine, I do already own one, so you don’t have to add me to this contest. I wouldn’t want to take away the opportunity for someone else to win this great little guy 🙂 Stay safe and have a great one!

  • R-Cade-Renegade says:

    Does Cooltoys intro music remind anyone else of childhood???? I don’t know why but every time I hear it it triggers childhood memories👌

  • I wouldn't pay 399 for a burger time arcade burger time gets boring real quick when you start to realize the levels are recycled and you play the same ones over and over

  • Thanks again Doug – another honest review! After this, I'm seriously considering making a purchase of BurgerTime. My favourite Arcade 1Up cabinet at this point is no doubt the Star Wars arcade machine with flight yoke!!! BTW – my new ESB high score is 605,404. I love it & cannot wait for the virtual pinball units!

  • I wish they would make a Scramble cabinet. That's the one game that took every quarter I could find. lol But for now I would say my favorite cabinet is old school Pac Man, its almost like meditation when I play it.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to win this cab. My favorite so far is my PAC MAN cab, followed by my TMNT cab. Nice video. Always enjoy them.

  • Galaga is by far my favorite. I know it had issues when it was first released but it has by far the most competitive gameplay competing for that high score leaderboard.

  • I love Burgertime and Arcade1up's design on this cab. But with 5 Arcade 1ups in my den already, space is short. I really hope they do a CounterCade of Burgertime.

  • Honestly I played Lunar Lander all weekend. I think my Asteroids machine gets the most use of all of them. Frogger is on my shopping list.

  • Could I ask you a question? We received our Burgertime, we really like it. Is there a plastic protective film that should be peeled off of the marquee? I can't tell if there is. Also when registering the cabinet at Arcade1up they have no Burgertime option to select from. LOL. I figured that you would know. Thanks 😎🍔

  • Thanks for the review. Even with the controller problem, I'm still enjoying BurgerTime. That little toy BurgerTime would make an excellent topper for the A1UP Variant. 🙂

  • Awesome video!! Just ordered some restrictor plates so thanks for the info. BurgerTime is hard to play with these 8 way sticks. Is it just me or does black levels and colors on this monitor look A LOT better then older Arcade1Up screens?

  • Seriously thinking about getting this cabinet. Thanks for the review. BTW, my favorite so far is the TMNT but I’m looking forward to the Star Wars pinball!

  • Michelle Schmidt says:

    This cabinet should have stayed karate champ as the controls are positioned for that game and not burgertime.Burgertime is pretty much unplayable with the 8way joystick.After contacting arcade 1up they offered to send me an octagon restrict plate ???? That will still be 8 way do they not know math.
    Also so far my red player on karate champ is very glithchy anyone else have this issue.

  • Peter Griffin Electric drums says:

    COOLTOY- QUESTION?.. Do you believe there is ANYWAY at all to somehow Mod this Burger 🍔 Time Cab – That would stretch the screen 📺 to utilize the Full Screen for Caveman Ninja..??? Me and my Kids ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN LOVE ❤️ PLAYING CAVEMAN NINJA!!!!!!!!.. But it would be so cool to stretch it out to full screen 📺😁👍👍

  • Love my new burgertime cab. Only game I don’t like is Karate Champ. I know a lot of people love that game but I have never liked it. Next purchases will be NBA Jam and Frogger. However I would much rather get Frogger on a countercade. Not sure if they plan on doing that tho

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