Apos ver esse video de jiu jitsu sua vida vai mudar ( Your life will change.)

Apos ver esse video de jiu jitsu sua vida vai mudar ( Your life will change.)

When I tell you that Judo comes from Jiu Jitsu When, Conde Koma brought to Brazil. Koma, a direct disciple of Sensei Kano. Shihan, in Japanese means master. You know, that at the time that Japan was empire… The Japanese Emperor bowed before the teacher The only person that the Emperor bows to was the teacher. The Emperor bowed before the teacher. Because Japan already knew, that a land without a teacher does not prosper …that a land without a teacher does not learn. that a land without a teacher, there is no one to pass the knowledge Then the Emperor greeted the teacher He bowed before the teacher. Just for curiosity When Jigoro Kano created Judo, he was a student of Ju Jutsu A series of martial arts mixes That had: punch kick Projection blows Finishing strokes Dislocation strokes And, for not agreeing with some blows Which he studied, practiced He developed Judo From the blows of Ju Jutsu And, the Kano Sensei; Softly He created the ultimate philosophy of Judo That is, “yield to win” When we give in, we win. watch! in Ju Jutsu When someone came and stabbed, Or a punch Impon Seoi already existed. But, Impon Seoi was this way The guy was defending He turned his opponent’s thumb up And here, it broke It broke, and then projected. Broke Broke punched Not agreeing with this Sensei Jigoro Kano, abolished this technique One of the techniques I’m telling you To break, break the opponent’s arm Sensei jigoro Kano Started from the same philosophy, defending Disarming Projecting Plucking the opponent’s weapon And, humiliating the adversary Now, since I can not … Teach this to you How can I judge anyone by the garments? I… I know, that the traditional kimono is white And the kimono should be white, it has to be white Like peace. As part of the samurai’s armor White robes As part of philosophy and history But today, the blue kimono is a reality in the Olympics Today, we have social projects Where, not everyone has the financial conditions to have an official kimono …. white of judo, or an official jiu jitsu kimono We work, with what we have! And the most important of everything It’s our honesty Is to put the principles above our personality Our personality is bad, it is bad by nature But when someone steps on my foot I do not need to hurt that person. I can just tell that person Sorry. My foot was under your foot I disarmed the person. I left the person naked. … ashamed What would be your reaction to my apology? You’d apologize too. “Sorry, I stepped on it” If someone steps on your foot, and you take satisfaction, you start a discussion with aggression But when you have a calm, peaceful attitude, disagreement can be avoided. Rebuke. Rebuke is sucker’s tool “Ox in the land of others is cow” If you want to be “the Good” you need to learn to apologize “was inadvertently” You will have history to tell! You will make more friends, than enemies I want you to take this to life. Judo is that. Jiu Jitsu is that. In my conception Are you disarming your opponent And send him home no further ok, guys? I hope that you can understand When someone humiliates you When somebody degrades you When someone criticizes you When someone wants to confuse Do not be confused Do not be arrogant do not rush Listening is gold. Talking is silver! When we talk, we should stop and think! Sometimes you’d agree with an opinion Than creating enmity Because when an ignorant man begins to speak, he will not stop speaking … and when ignorance speaks; The intelligence is silent Have you said all you had to say? Maybe you’re right. I’ll think about it. An example is Cotoco. How old were you with Cotoco? 7 years. Come here Cotoco, can I film? Show the finger His father said: Do not put your finger on the elevator Because if you put it, you’ll lose your finger His father turned his back. Cotoco’s first reaction was to put his finger on the elevator. There are certain things in life that are irreparable. Cotoco will never have his finger again But, I’m sure Cotoco learned his lesson. arigato You do not have to lose your finger. You can hear what I’m telling you today… … and you have no need to “beat the corpse” to suffer as I suffered The paths that I missed, you do not have to miss The paths I’ve been through, you do not have to go through listen See what is good for you Keep what’s good And what’s not good … you’re sorry, one day you can serve The Bible says: “There are ways that in the eyes of men seem good, but are ways that lead to death” Maybe today you find what you’re doing, your cool attitudes, but know The way that looks good in the eyes of men, in the end, lead to death Sometimes a person gets divorced. And then, we see in the news, that the stepfather or the stepmother Injected alcohol into the child and killed Apparently, divorce would be good. But it had a consequence … a child was murdered; A child was thrown out the window A child was abandoned Because, there are paths that seem to look good I was talking, and was taking another proportion But my advice is: if you can get involved with good things the Jiu jitsu is one of them, the judo … muay thai, karete..etc Get involved with good things guys You have everything in life all the best What the fuck are you doing? If you do things wrong, it will only go wrong And then, you look at the stupid thing you did, and ask yourself why Sorry for the expression I used the word “shit” that serves several expressions So… Not to give shit. Get involved with good things When you get involved with good things People can see … and praise you You influence them! ok guys?? OSS


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