Allendale Karate Allendale Martial Arts Standale Karate Fitness Self Defense Classes School

Allendale Karate Allendale Martial Arts Standale Karate Fitness Self Defense Classes School

This is much different than any other Karate studio I have ever been too before. I been to a few where it’s military, very fromal And its not very family like This one here, you learn but you learn in a fun and make relationships with people. The thing that I love The most about Standale Karate, is what Standale brings to the Martial Arts compared to most general Karate schools Where you’re doing specific things repeatedly over and over. This is a little bit different Karate School where it’s actually different forms, different styles Compared to a regular school I love Standale Karate because of the diversity. the grappling, the sparring, the weapons we do in self-defense everything the Bow The can, the size, nunchucks uh… stix, we almost do them all here at Standale Karate I’m Rick, i’ve been coming to Standale Karate for a little over eight years, great bunch of people Even though, I’m fifty eight-years-old, I can participated and if there’s something i can’t do, no one is beating me with a club to make me do it. What i love about Standale Karate Is that they treat you like A family and they’re really nice to you. When people think of Karate classed they usually think of really really strict teachers and a really strict policy but i’ts more here it’s more like a fun place. I’ve learned so much Umm It’s helped me physically, emotionally, spiritually and i gained a lot of friends and now call them my family. Well Master Rick is a special individual in the fact that There are not many people That have is level of expertise In a community like allendale You’re talking someone who’s been in the Hall of Fame coming on thirty eight years i believe in martial arts and all the different things that he brings
to the table are there’s not very many people that can do that. He’s just understanding realizes that Theres not everything that the kids do that i can do so we make accommodations Every time I come to class I believe that I learn something new by teaching And or learning from Master Rick We have a very high level of martial artist’s that have been in the program for a long period of time. So, I believe within the community, It’s the best Master Rick said, Um Who know’s their first form? And my sons hand shot up so fast and i was like hoof , I can’t believe it. And he did it and he nailed it and he did really. really well and since then thats carried on into his school and into his life and other factors where he is now a little bit more courageous in trying things first it was really nice that we could try it and just see if it was something that was going to be
interested in. Once he tried it You know no question It was where we wanted to be.


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