AIKIDO – Yasuhisa Shioda Sensei

AIKIDO – Yasuhisa Shioda Sensei

My father’s techniques were almost divine,
incredible and of intense concentration At my demonstrations I try to show some techniques this way However, nowadays it is hard to find people who practice it like that In the past, the majority of the people wanted a strict training, but today Aikido is practiced in persuit of a healthy life Aikido is related to health to keeping a bond between parents and children women practice it for auto defense However in general terms, it’s more connected to keeping a healthy life In the past, when we accidentaly made the other person hit the head on the floor during the training, there was a contentment Today, If it happens even If receiving a technique, it is something serious Aikido has changed in many ways, today we treat the practicers as visitors or clients It used to be like “follow me!”. The relationship was of master and its disciple Today it is as visitor or client. Being careful and malleable is necessary It’s changed to this way As for me, I started practicing aikido when I was 13 years old I’ve been to England for 3 years improving a method of teaching foreigners When I was Young I basically lived in the Dojo and practiced with police shock troops I Kept developing this way until became an adult After I graduated from college (economy), I began to decidate entirely to the Dojo There were many ways and oportunities of training until then About the technique, as yesterday and today, I’ve been explaining In case of facing each other you need to go into quickly and in a friendly way Introducing and expressing techniques is the Aikido Not thinking about facing oponents to defeat them As a circle Thinking about doing movements not to colide And start absorbing the sensations and feelings of the adversary Practicing this way is the best Aikido Concentration, as I said, means directing your strength to one point in any situation, it’s like this In the case of a sword, if there’s no concentration,you can’t make a precise cut The same happens in Aikido with a scattered mind I mean, if there are too many thoughts the mental concentration fades to many places weakening the energy Cultivating the physical concentration is the Aikido but mind and body are tight Increasing the mental conncentration also increases the physical concentration And in this moment it’s very importat, as I’ve been saying it’s necessary to eliminate the force, relax It’s from the central line (posture in kamae, stable and balanced) that the real force rises This is how we must learn it. This is important Energy… each person has a different one For example for me and others who want to be strong, it would be good a strict training It would be important But people in general, that come with na aim of taking care of health and body it’s not recommended a strict training with a lot of pain since they wouldn’t bear it and wouldn’t last long This is why it’s important to train in a way that happiness can be felt Ki is when the energy flows and this energy only flows when you take away the strength When we remove the strength, the ki arises Kokyu menas breathing Even when you’re doing an intense physical activity, you need to know how to control your breath Not doing exagerated movements because the breathing can get out of control You need to put the technique in your breathing When we use the strength we end up losing control of our breathig To avoid it, relaxing and harmonizing the technique with the breathing is needed Aikikai? There is Aikikai, Yoshinkan and SIAF The difference between yoshinkan and SIAF… SIAF is what the family Shioda practices keeping the traditions and teachings of my father Nowadays, Yoshinkan is practiced by many people, however, the older ones are disappearing To transmit the true teachings and traditions of Shioda family is the function of SIAF In the differenciation between Aikikai, Yoshinkan and SIAF are similar Morihei Ueshiba Sensei didn’t teach the techniques, he said “attack and learn” He did it this way If there are 10 senseis, there are 10 ways of comprehension As Tohei Sensei and Tomiki Ryu’s Sensei each with its techniques In my father’s case, Yoshinkan was created because the police was taught To teach groups, the techniques needed to be analised and detailed so it could be transmitted with precision/accuracy This was the reason to create Yoshinkan Teaching groups is Yoshinkan Others practice and think in different ways In Aikikain, their main way of thinking is: atack and counter attack freely In Yoshinkan and SIAF’s case if there’s a strong adversary, how we can negate and win this strength This is SIAF When I was in England for 3 years to teach I used to say that in Japan, the students normally obeyed the senseis teachings but disobey themselves and outside the Dojo get into fights For this, there’s a word in Japanese “Hamon” Hamon means there are no breaks Therefore being susceptible of punishment Going to the West, to England, to teach I used a Christ’s teaching that says: If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also Now, if someone slaps you on your right face and you think: You insolent!! And go up against, it becomes a fight The fight happens because the tolerance to is small Bearing in extreme situation is shugyo If someone slaps on your right face and you have the feeling of offering your left one this attitude shows you have a great spirit, closer to God About Morihei Ueshiba Sensei, my father used to tell me many stories about him He used to say he was a strong and incredible sensei In one of these conversations about Ueshiba Sensei the most impressing story was when Sensei was going to present to the Japanese Emperor My father would be the uke of Ueshiba Sensei but my father got really sick, almost unable to go to the demonstration However, on that day, he got up and kept walking for a flowered promenade Another uchideshi was going to be Ueshiba Sensei’s uke In the demonstration he attacked in a really light way Ueshiba Sensei felt he was like, playing and when applying the technique he broke the uchideshi’s arm With this unforeseen event, my father’s turn came quicklier and for around 30 minutes he did the demonstration with Ueshiba Sensei On the next day my father technically spent the whole day in the hospital He told me this sotry many times because it was impressive What my father left were impressive techniques and something that money can’t buy A huge spitirual teaching He used to say: If someone attacks you, be his friend, don’t react to it by fighting, have a broad spirit Even if a person comes to kill you, become intimate of him train until you get to this point Become big There are big teachings and valuable legacy My father was very famous and today I try to absorb and disseminate his teachings Thanks to my father there’s a diversificated Aikido and I feel very satisfied with all this


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  • Muito boa entrevista 🙏🏼
    Yoshinkan Aikido e sua contribuição para o desenvolvimento, compreensão e divulgação são realmente expressivas 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

  • Aikido Brasil says:

    Yasuhisa Shioda Sensei é filho do grande mestre Gozo Shioda (1915 – 1994) e iniciou a prática do Aikido aos 13 anos de idade. Em 1980, foi para a Inglaterra para estabelecer um método de ensino para estrangeiros e em 2014 fundou o SIAF – Shioda International Aikido Federation, para que os ensinamentos recebidos de seu pai fossem transmitidos para o mundo todo.

  • Quero deixar meu sincero agradecimento a equipe do Canal Aikido Brasil pelo fantástico trabalho executado. Para os interessados em entender mais sobre o Shioda Aikido, acessem o nosso canal do facebook "Siaf Ryouma Dojo" . Osu!

  • claudio silva says:

    Fiquei interessado em praticar muito bacana a filosofia a apresentação inicial foi de tirar o pica pau do oco😁😁😄👏👏👏👏👊

  • Mauro Pellegrini says:

    Realmente uma excelente cobertura realizada pelo Canal Aikido Brasil sobre o Seminário de Aikido ministrado por Yasuhisa Shioda Sensei, SIAF Soke. Um registo realmente importante. Gratidão!

    Após o falecimento do Grande Mestre Gozo Shioda, em 1994, seu filho Yasuhisa Shioda Sensei tomou para si a missão de transmitir os ensinamentos de seu pai ao redor do mundo.

    O Grande Mestre Gozo Shioda como todos sabem, estudou sob a tutela direta de Morihei Ueshiba, O-Sensei fundador do Aikido, e de suas mãos, recebeu o 9º Dan na arte.

    Até o final da vida de O-Sensei, ele e o Grande Mestre Gozo Shioda mantiveram um boa relação de amizade e nunca ocorreu uma separação formal entre eles, apesar dos diferentes modos de ver o Aikido em suas escolas. Ocorreu um desenvolvimento natural na escola de Shioda, sem com isso se configurar numa dissidência ou num desentendimento. Gozo Shioda nunca deixou de dar valor e sempre mencionou com grande respeito seu professor, Morihei Ueshiba. Apenas os trabalhos se tornaram distintos e independentes, porque naturalmente fluíram e se desenvolveram em paralelo, cada um com a sua própria identidade.  
    E mais, na década de 50, durante o período pós-guerra, quando o treinamento de artes marciais estava sendo retomado no Japão, Kisshomaru Ueshiba, o filho do fundador do Aikido começou a trabalhar na estruturação da Aikikai. E naquela época, o Grande Mestre Gozo Shioda já estava instruindo Aikido (tendo como principal base de atuação a instrução policial), o que serviu como um verdadeiro estímulo para o Aikikai Hombu Dojo. O Yoshinkan Dojo do Grande Mestre Gozo Shioda foi bastante significativo historicamente no desenvolvimento do Aikido. O Grande Mestre Gozo Shioda e o Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba fizeram apresentações regulares em ocasiões formais até 1994, quando do falecimento de Shioda.

    Penso que estamos muito mais unidos do que podemos imaginar … AIKI é Convergência!

    E aqueles que são de Sorocaba e região, interessados em praticar o Shioda Aikido, favor entrarem em contato por aqui:

    Mauro Pellegrini Sensei – Dojo-Cho do Tesshu Dojo – Shioda Aikido

  • Sensei Allan Franklin says:


    Sou um grande fã do Aikido, Ueshiba Sensei e Shioda Sensei também. Obrigado ao canal ppr tanto nos ensinar mesmo a nós adeptos de outras artes marciais e por nos apresentar esse grande mestre filho de outro grande mestre!


  • Pratiquei, ou melhor, tentei por 6 meses. Após ver um movimento do Sensei , que infelizmente não lembro o nome, fiquei tão impressionado que pensei: isto não é possível. Era pura energia. Infelizmente desisti. Uma grande estupides da minha parte. A academia ficava na Rua dos Carmelitas – Centro- São Paulo.

  • Very good interview. He says at the end, "thanks to my dad today there exists a diverse Aikido". So true! It's great that this tradition continues. (It would be very nice to have English subtitles so more people can appreciate this!!)

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