Aikido Sword Fighting: Ken-Gi One : Bokken Shomenuchi

Aikido Sword Fighting: Ken-Gi One : Bokken Shomenuchi

For this section we’re going to start looking
at ken-gi, or sword form one. We’ll draw, the first motion for this technique is shomenuchi,
the overhead strike. I come up through my center and I cut with a good shomen. A good
shomen is projecting, is leading the tip of the sword out and away. It’s as if I’m casting
the sword. So I’m here, I come up, cut. Good movement from center, casting the tip as if
there were an apple or some piece of fruit on the end of your sword and you’re flicking
it off. I come up, cut. Shomenuchi. We want to have harmony between the drop of the blade
and the centering of my motion here. As my body comes to position, the sword comes to
position. They come together, simultaneously. That’s where the power is at. If it gets discombobulated,
my hips are there first or the sword’s there first, we lose all the power of the strike.
Up, shomenuchi. That’s the first portion of ken-gi one.


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