Aikido Nikyo Wrist Lock Defenses : Aikido Straight Punch Self Defense

Aikido Nikyo Wrist Lock Defenses : Aikido Straight Punch Self Defense

This is nikyo the wrist control against a
straight punch at the abdomen also known as munetsuki. Daniel punches at me, once again
it’s always best if I’m not there. I’m going to turn slightly, just get off the line and
allow that hand to pass me and as he does it, I’m going to track with it, hook the forearm
and stop down on the wrist. Here, now I’m going to reclaim the position I was just in
and as I do that I’m going to roll his hand up. Acquire that good z bar in that position,
his fingers go in towards his forearm. The elbow goes down. I want to take him all the
way down to the ground hand on the elbow. Nice and smooth into the ground. Let’s do
that again, timing is going to be essential. You want to be off the line. So he comes in,
I’m off the line. Try not to snatch the hand out of mid air, it’s very difficult to do.
Instead what I do is as he punches, I hook the entire arm, come down to the hand and
stop, it’s much easier to get. Here, I reclaim the position, get my initial z bar position,
compress, and down we go. That is nikyo control, wrist control, against the straight punch
to the abdomen, munetsuki.


11 thoughts on “Aikido Nikyo Wrist Lock Defenses : Aikido Straight Punch Self Defense”

  • This guy sux , if you hit the guy then slide dow the arm you got a better chance of stopping him , from shooting it, hit you , falling on you , but people should not try to learn from this.

  • He is just showing the specific technique. In a real fight you can do whatever you want. I don't think any two Aikidoka will fight exactly alike in the real world and/or choose to do the exact same technique for the exact same attack. It's not taking a self defense course, it's learning a martial art. I personally like the palm strike when someone moves in on me fast.

  • timstime1970 says:

    Yes H4I2I2EE,,this is just a basic showing of the technique that we even use in law enforcement a lot,,this is one you can build on ,,I am shure you know how to feed the hand into your other hand step to the side so as to place your forarm to the opponents forarm still useing the momentum then as you step into the opponent your arm is bent his arm is extended then snap goes the his elbow or forearm..

  • Hansje vd Tillaert says:

    Finally I found techniques that worked. I tried this on my girlfriend and she have to bend her knies.
    Something so don't do a lot lately

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