AIKIDO – Alexandre Bull Sensei

AIKIDO – Alexandre Bull Sensei

I started to train Aikido with 3 years old Basically motivated by the spirit of paternal relationship I think the interesting point of this process
is that my education was within Aikido Aikido for children
is Aikido from a playful perspective You see those falls
Those movements like a game But within that playful part The teacher is able to transmit
some principles of discipline of determination of respect Important for the formation of a child’s moral After this childhood phase Comes adolescence,
usually a difficult phase Moment of certain frustrations Moment of change
when you contest a lot I think it was very important to have Aikido as a center To keep this idea
To stay in the right path I have a profession today Today I’m a doctor I teach at the Medical School in USP And work with kidney transplants
I’m a kidney transplant surgeon And who gave me this was Aikido
Who gave me this north, this center was the practice of Aikido It’s hard for a person to understand what that means People say:
– In Aikido you fall, raise, do techniques But how does this affect you as an individual
How does it affect your feelings? On the day to day of training
You deal with different people With different proposals,
different attacks And you have to harmonize with them
It’s no use just attacking Just defend You need to find a common point of harmony This is the Aikido training And when you do it from the physical point of view In an absolutely unconscious way
You’re changing your feelings And you become a much more harmonious person Can deal much better with conflicts I think Wagner Bull Sensei was very competent in conducting He never encouraged me to train, never As I said, it was something even difficult to achieve Because in the first moment
he thought I was very young to start practice Of course being son of a reference
when you start in practice People always expect you to play
a role at least similar to your father But the way he led that was very interesting There was never a burden and always had solidarity I’ve always been at the events with him And he always tried to inform me
of the situations that were happening Both positive and negative
inside Brazilian Aikido From my childhood I participated
of all this development The benefits of aikido and also of all problems which were many He had an important participation
In solving many of these problems So it was very natural I have him as technical reference as parent reference And as a reference of human being One of the biggest compliments I can receive
Is when… Someone tells me that we really are managing to help Sensei along this path The history of Wagner Bull Sensei is mixed
with Brazilian Aikido’s history So… Nowadays we are at a very different time
than it was in the past Much has happened from work the effort and mainly From the will he had since the beginning
Of us having an international level Aikido here in Brazil And I think we are reaping these fruits today My emotion comes from all this work From this effort that we today… Even with this event We can add energy
Thing that he always longed for And in a way we are managing to do


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