Advanced Judo Techniques : How to Do the Grab & Slide Technique in Judo

Advanced Judo Techniques : How to Do the Grab & Slide Technique in Judo

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Richard
Acuna from Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, today we are showing you advance
judo. Okay this next clip we are going to show you same kata-guruma from a Tomoe Nage
attempted and here is how it looks. I come in here Tomoe Nage I grab I actually grab
his sleeve under part that is top and when he starts going to the back I slip underneath,
grab him, see and when he starts pushing anywhere he goes I’m going to go with him. Pushing,
one more time, Tomoe Nage grab, slide underneath.


71 thoughts on “Advanced Judo Techniques : How to Do the Grab & Slide Technique in Judo”

  • Derek Newport says:

    This is not a practical move. If the opponent is any good at all they will see this coming and pull your head off with a choke of some kind! Inoue used to do Koshi Jime from that place on the attaker. Time and time again.

  • big risk at the phase of ground fighting since the arm(s) are still entangled but.. the kata-guruma.. will take him down.. either that or change it with sukui-nage ^^ or what ever can work.. if he didnt do is ippon seoi-nage.. he would've got choked out. or get brung down..or any other counter taking him down. going for the legs works.. or hit hitting him with body, and leg shots. hehehe8)

  • i grin at your ignorance =)

    why dont you take the confidence in what you're saying to a dojo, go up and tell them you think judo is shit and challenge one of the instructors, or how about, challenge only a beginner and see how long you last

    ill be waiting for your reply

  • wow and u must be the greatest martial artist in the world
    well good 4 u
    u got a big mouth and big ego wit lots of pride
    and dats gonna be ur downfall

  • you do judo? all throws work in there own rights if you do them correctly with good braking of ballence speed and momentom trust me. it only does not work when you are crap at doing the throw

  • He's obviously doing it in a slow controlled manner for demonstrative purposes. In competition, the move is done in 1 fast, strong motion. You'd be on your back before you could think of pulling a rear naked choke.

  • TonyWendy Lim says:

    true, the guy could definitely choke him out from that position. unless he does it quickly combined with a strike, he could pull it off. only in theory though.

  • xfistsclenchedx says:

    Actually it wouldn't be easy to do. Karo Parisyan used a similar move to take down Dave Strasser. Youtube search "Karo Parisyan vs Dave Strasser Judo Skills". If you expect us to believe that you could have choked out Karo Parisyan doing what he did, you're out of your mind. Judo is underrated and BJJ is overrated.

  • Christopher Pun says:

    yeah, but the set up for it is cooler rather than just throwing the oppenents arms and going for a firemans carry

  • I'll give you that, it's just funny to me that the setup is the only thing that separates whether the move is judo or wrestling.

  • Christopher Pun says:

    also fireman's carry you sit and throw, so you, yourself, is not on your back. 😀 i was a varsity wrestler, but i lost every single match. haha

  • Atleast you made varsity. We had to wrestle for our spots, and I didn't even have a winning record against my own team.

  • Check this out, I was on my high school team until Ed and Lou Banich showed up at my school. They also had a brother named Steve. They occupied my weight class, the one below and above me. World class wrestlers who went on to win the Olympics…I just quit!

  • Damn, that's a horrible situation. Now you know you never really had a shot. But atleast you have a good story to tell.(I guess)

  • Georg Brandtzæg says:

    As I see this, this combination is made in order to confuse the opponent, not just to throw him. You will have to take into account that he will resist every attempt to throw him, and this technique uses this to tori's advantage.

  • I love it when people talk down about Judo. ALL of judo is good in a a sports fight or street fight. Most people just suck at it and they don't know what they are talking about if they talk down about Judo. Its the fact that you don't even have to be strong to do Judo, you just need skill and speed and to catch the other guy off balence, which is ALOT easier then most people like to think.

  • Michael Schwartz says:

    That's a nice technique, but before you could get down to his knee he'll already have you in a rear naked choke. In most cases, not all, but most.

  • judopathoftruth says:

    are you stupid, inorder to win in a judo comp you have to throw choke or lelock the oppoonent
    more like knowledgeless fighter

  • Ok, (1) It’s Ippon Seoinage, and is traditionally taught with out gripping with the under hook hand. (2) Tomoe Nage is a “circle throw” that has absolutely nothing to do with any portion of this clip. (3) This is a half decent back up plan, but option two (modified / kneeling Kata Guruma) could only be attempted after a legitimate attempt of the initial throw has been made. Information and names of all the throws of the Kodocan can be found at Judoinfocom Have a lovely day : )

  • charlieapeshit says:

    Man whada fook? I wanna join judo and plan on it very soon… but what is all this talk about it being illegal now to grab a leg in judo? Is it to avoid a fusion of it with wrestling techniques? I mean it should be self-defense first, competitive sport second.

  • @charlieapeshit I think it is legal as long as you are in a position where he grabs your gi by the neck/back and by force makes you bend over, e.g. some versions of the throw Sumi gaeshi. I have also heard that it is legal when countering an attack. Not sure though… And I'd say that judo is more a competitive sport than self-defense, how often do you fight a guy on the street who wears a gi?

  • @Kansken I'm pretty sure if some guy was walking around in the streets with a Gi on I'd prolly avoid him. haha. I wish they would stop the major focus on the competitions and work in maybe no Gi training…

  • @charlieapeshit Haha, true 😉 Well, I think this is a really good excercise when it comes to advanced judo, cuz it focuses on how to adapt your position to another technique when the Seoi-nage throw doesn't work. But judo is still judo, and you practice judo with Gi's… But I'm pretty sure you could find this technique as a MMA-version or something. Don't have a clue what it would be called though ^^

  • is that still legal in competitions? i know they removed bear hugs and your only allowed to grab the leg if hes off balanced so is he off enough that your allowed?

  • ok well if this was mma he could get u in a choke submission or get u in an arm lock so its pretty unaffective because i think it wouldnt do enough damage to actually stun him of keep him down that long but thats just my opinion

  • Andydrew Perez says:

    @8matthewlee8 I've seen a guy use a fireman carry in Bellator. Can't remember the name of the fighter but he just did the throw and moved straight to side mount.

  • @blakeownzu good job. you're are right….read the name of the video a couple more times…the truth might sink in sooner or later lol

  • @fearlessfighter2006 Although I understand what you're saying, that is why the thrower has to keep his arm bent and grabbing on the other side of the arm. This makes it more difficult (but not impossible) to perform "the cross" in Brazilian Jujitsu if you are receiving this throw. However, it is important to remember that he is demonstrating the "nice" version. Normally, you would simply push up the opponent's leg while pulling the shoulder, throwing them head first over your shoulder.

  • shawn fairweather says:

    I start by saying you are not well informative, your techniques without insulting you are from a dojo reenactment.Your opponent was never giving the the chance to defend himself. I would have broken you in half ! if you want to teach, teach! Don't mislead anyone, cause in the real world people fight back!

  • I'm still kind of new to Judo but wouldn't this technique be illegal in tournaments? Because I thought it was illegal to grab below the belt.

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