Advanced Judo Techniques : How to do a inner Thigh Technique in Judo

Advanced Judo Techniques : How to do a inner Thigh Technique in Judo

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Richard
Acuna from Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, today we are showing you advance
judo. This next clip we are going to show you another technique it is a inner thigh
rep throws to the front and it is called Uchi Mata and it shows like this. Grabbing my opponent
from the sleeve and the lapel on the top I force him to come forward by kuzushi(breaking
his balance), notice his balance is to the front, I sweep my legs in all the way in and
then this leg this sweep right in between his legs. Now we would show you this in real
time. Notice how when kuzushi from the front I slip my leg back, my toes are facing that
way they are not facing anywhere else but that way, and my leg the one that does the
inner rep is hitting right against between his legs.


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  • No kuzushi with the left arm! Sorry to say but that's a bad technique…Uchimata Is very much dependent on the sleeve pull.

  • to Tigerspons "club and tommorow i a a clubchampionship thanks i wil realy use it!! " Uchi mata is one the most complex throw in judo. It takes a long time to learn it and more time to start use it in real match. However i dont wanna be rud but this technique from video is bad )))))) right leg is coming with huge pooling)))) u have to bring him to u ….. and left leg has to go dipper

  • i do agree.. with uchi mata u have to sweep this guy just let his uki jump… could bee beter but not amazingly bad.

  • lol those answers are all quite wrong.. judo and jiujitsu are very similar, jiu jitsu has take downs but concentrates more on grappling and its aim is to submit your opponent either via choke/arm bar/leg bar while judo has a lot more take downs but also covers grappling – its just that new age judo is for competition, like at the olympics and a lot of moves have been made illegal because of bad accidents that have occured in the past – but in conclusion theyre very similar – no hitting in either

  • like a sea-saw, as the body leans down the leg comes up, flip right over, stay tight make the hip contact first. If you bend over in front of your opponent as you lift your leg for the throw, your leg rising has no power and will not lift the leg of a resisting opponent, bad posture = bad balance.

  • wat do you mean it concentrates more on grappling, throws and takedowns are part of grappling you fool, the only thing in martial arts thats steps out of the definintion of grappling is striking

  • spackenaufwacken says:

    for sure… the first thing u learn in judo is how to fall correctly. It is a bad excuse when u say he didnt want to hurt uke

  • Not true. Judo involves a few different techniques
    Nage-Waza (Throwing Techniques)
    Katamewaza or Ne Waza (Grappling Techniques)
    Kinshi-waza (Forbidden Techniques) – only masters

  • Ocasionally but not if you do it right. You should be contacting just the inside of the thigh. Old school you turn your body and it can almost be a hook. The newer form goes right over the top. The newer form is now illegal in competition because of the risk of neck injury.

  • the guy being thrown just has to sit back to counter that.. lol thats a really basic move in wrestling, basically a head and arm, and if he sits before u throw that right leg back, he should counter it. i couldnt find a video showing the counter to a head and arm though, hopefully ull know wat im talkin bout

  • yes, but you cant swing your leg back. the person being thrown sits back and turns as hes being thrown, in the direction hes being thrown. he goes with it, and the thrower goes down with him and ends on the bottom. do u know the counter to a head and arm?

  • CandyAssCommie says:

    Uchi-mata is not really an advanced technique. Its not something you learn in the first few months, but its not "advanced".

  • ofcourse, but technique comes first, a weak person could to it with perfect technique, but obviously strength comes into play, if your strong youll get much better results from the throws, its just common sense 🙂

  • you guys seem to watch to much sport and never seen what is a real choke and a big neck is easy if your opponet is not in a position tobe choked dont force it. so size doesnt matter

  • i was learning the uchi mata on day 1 of joining a judo club. It was tricky for me to get my hands and feet to do the same thing at the same time but with good coaching i got it…

  • thanks, but i don't see how that makes me a "cool Mr. 1day". I was being respectful to my Judo coaches as they took the time to make sure my technique was good.
    I feel that you were offended by my comment as though i was being arrogant. I wasnt at all. I go to a great club and the way we train is outstanding…

  • @313weldo313 a few years?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! so like if I started judo tomorrow, day 1, how long before I leanred all techniques? or does it just depend on the individual like guitar or piano?

  • Judo and BJJ are the same the only difference between the two is the sports. Sport Judo emphasizes throwing and not groundwork. You can win by pin, points, perfect throw, and submission. The throwing is emphasized and no points are technically awarded for groundwork like sweeps etc. In BJJ groundwork is emphasized and you can win by submission or points awarded for ground position.

  • @atgblue1 Dude it takes years and years, I would say if you go too every class, go out of your way to compete I would say you would be a 1st Dan(black belt). However it doesn't end there and your not allowed too for example open your own club until you are a third degree black belt(3rd Dan). It will take you years upon years too get that high. My coach has been doing this for over 30 years and hes a 6th Dan(black belt).

  • @atgblue1 I mean you would be a first degree black belt if you did everything I say in 6-7 years. I forgot to type that sentence.

  • kinesio fitness says:

    jiu jitsu is NOT like Judo and Judo is NOT live jiu jitsu, if there are any martial artists here, they will know that both systems are considered "soft styles" not intended to brutally harm an opponent. however, with each system the tools are there to finish the fight.

    H- BJJ purple belt, under Rodrigo Greno

  • @jdheebner honestly jiu jitsu is the most effective martial arts out there, but its also the most boring to watch.

  • kinesio fitness says:

    no need to look it up but thanks, i'm a practitioner and no disrespect intended, but you'd know the difference if you were a practitioner also. you are not familiar with brazilian jiu jitsu as injury IS NOT what the system was designed nor intended for. our system is designed for the smaller opponent to SURVIVE against a larger opponent. both of these japanese forms of wrestling are not designed with injury to the opponent as a primary objective.

  • @AurumenK So was Judo made by soft men and jiujitsu was made by hard men? now i understand a little bit more. thanks so much

  • judo is jujitsu when its black belters learn atemi techniques. but jujitsu is not judo, coz judo has sport rules. thats all . anyway when aikido or karate people can throw or hit people, they ALL will end up up doing basic judo. Judo rocks

  • it depends i mean any1 could block that but if u had enough power and speed i guess it would work but that looks a little risky i mean the postion u were in he could either choke u or just cling on because he is on ure back if the was mma there is no way this move would work that good unless u lifted him up high and then dropped him i think this move needs to be shown one on one because these vids dont look right

  • You don't need a high grip to do this throw. When you use a high grip you are taking a chance of getting an armbar. but overall not bad stuff keep it up.

  • well not between his legs. thats wrong for sure, i suggest to all who want to perfect uchimata buying kosei inoue's dvd – inoue the uchimata.

  • @kotdrop Instead of grabbing the sleeve and lapel, you can grab the wrist and hook behind the neck to do an uchimata without the gi. Improvise.

  • WHAT DAH FUQ?! im sorry but if your just "reaping between his legs" your really just murdering the guy! im sorry for your uke! YOUR kazushi must really be coming from the nut sack tap youd give if we really listened to you. LOL

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