Advanced Judo Techniques : How to do a Fireman’s Carry Judo Style

Advanced Judo Techniques : How to do a Fireman’s Carry Judo Style

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Richard
Acuna from Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, today we are showing you advance
judo. Okay this next clip what I’m going to show you we are going to show you is called
kata-guruma which is also called a fireman’s carry judo style and here is how it looks.
Grab my opponent from the sleeves, from the lapel again I push him to the back and when
he tries to come forward I slip my arm underneath as I pull him forward right onto my back.
Notice how my legs are just come right in as I push forward and I come in right in here
pick him up. Alright and here is how it looks push to the back and as he comes forward slip
in. Most important part of these is when he is coming forward, I come underneath and put
my feet in for balance and this arm is always coming forward so I can bring him up on my
back. Now all I have to do is bring him up.


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  • Derek Newport says:

    Thats cause the guys in this vid are teaching it wrong. Kata Guruma is never performed standing. EVER.

    The drop variation is one of the highest scoring moves in current competition at the highest level!

  • Derek Newport says:

    Kata guruma and fireman's carry are the same thing man! I had a japanese judo player tell me that. Kasuhiko Fujimoto. You are wrong there!

  • this video is horrible. he needs to get lower and he is using too much back. he is going to hurt himself doing it the way he is teaching. it is called shoulder wheel for a reason. he should be lifting him onto his shoulders. all these videos this guy post show poor technique

  • ..never underestimate an attack,Maybe he won't hit you with it in this condition..Maybe he'll hit it after Blocking a RoundHouse kick (In Muay Thai (I do Muay Thai so I know What I'm talking about)While doing a RoundHouse kick,You keep your hands up protecting your face and the elbows down to protect the body leaving your legs open to an attack Like the fireman's Carry)

  • its part of the kata Naga No Kata dat someone must learn if they wanna advance to a black belt
    there's 2 version of the throw the kata and the combatives throw

  • interesting, there's a similar move from the shotokan karate kata called "empi." but instead of grabbing his sleeve and pulling, you grab your opponent's neck, just under his chin, with your left palm facing up–in reaction your opponent begins to move upwards (i guess), and this makes it easier to lift him since he's already got momentum. i don't know if it works, though!

  • I've never really understood why judokas use the squat and pickup style fireman's, since it relies a lot more on strength and momentum than in the "from the knees" high-c style I learned in highschool. It ends up being a rare technique in judo comps, but a bread and butter move in freestyle.

  • after some judo rules research, i discovered that in judo competition, if any part of your body except for your feet touches the mat while throwing, you get points, but no ippon, so judo guys always try to do throws from the feet, even if its less efficient. I'll stick to my "from the knees" fireman's, altho i usually fake the fireman's and switch to a double off the high-c anyway. to each their own i guess

  • That's one of the things I dislike about judo. I'm a tall and skinny guy so wrestling techniques tend to work much better for me. I don't have much strength and I have a high center of gravity so it's hard to pull off judo throws.

  • Knee techniques have always counted for Ippon in the competitions I have been in. In order for it to be an Ippon, you have to at least be on your knees. My instructor usually spends more time teaching the knee technique.

  • they probably have other martial art done in the same place. i would assume. cause you right there is no punching or kicking in judo

  • judo isnt gay, learn to do kataguruma and then tell me if you touch the other guys nuts or his legs while making this throw -.-"

  • Rudolph McGree says:

    It is still possible if they are 5 stone heavier but this instructor has not explained it well. Guruma translates as wheel and if you do the wheel in one motion using the opponents momentum it is possible to do on much heavier people although it is very tricky if they are also shorter than you. There are also various versions using dropping your weight to the ground (onto knees or ass) to make the required momentum.

  • seems like a poor example to be honest… you dont really emphasise the need to create momentum or the use of the legs…gotta be bent. people will watch this and try to use their arm power and back power to do the throw, not their legs. this is supposed to be advanced judo..and you're teaching sloppy techniques.

    just think its a shame cos you clearly know what youre doing, just dont perform or teach it very well

  • Niek Strijkert says:

    umm, well i think that the main point is that you need to get your hips right in front of his.. and you really need to bend your knee's.. if you look right in front of you to the point you are going to trow him im sure you will manage to do it… that how i learned it and i really works.. 😉

  • Joel Franceschi says:

    of course this is possible with a heavier person. kano (founder of judo) developed it to throw a much bigger japanese wrestler, who kept on beating him

  • I know what you mean, that's why I hate Expert Village, they all claim to be experts at whatever their showing, but they're always shitty demonstrations.

  • you flyingfool2500 are correct for the people who don't know the part of human anatomy a fireman carry is designed to carry twice your own body weight in theory so if your around 85 kg you are able to life a 170 kg person in theory because all the weight rests on your legs/back/shoulders

  • yes that is also correct but i am just talking about the FMC itself not the actual throw 😉

    but indeed just watch WWE wrestling john cena uses Modded version of this throw and they always give a bit of sway so he can lift them in momentum 🙂 XD

  • this is ass, if you wanna see good judo technique search for the vids posted by username balagezyan especially the kata garuma video.

  • This video is HORRID! Terrible technique. First, if this is Judo, then there is no such thing as fireman-carry, this should be kata-guruma, or shoulder-wheel if you want to translate. Second, techinique-wise this was atrocious, no strong pull on the hikite, your back was arched, and you did not aim to the waist of uke, instead you aimed at the center of his torso, which is wrong as it is not optimal.

  • I'm going to have to agree with you here. If he continues this way, he will hurt his back. But he doesn't use the Japanese since it is for beginners.

  • But there is catch! This video is called Advanced Judo Techniques!!! How come advanced techniques are aimed at beginners? 🙂 Also, if you watch every single Aikido video from expertvillage they use the correct terminology, which should be in Japanese, providing the translation and/or the name by which the technique is known in other arts (wrestling for example) is nice, but using the wrong term in the title is a mistake (I'm not commenting on the technical aspect again…)

  • There is a variation on kata-guruma demonstrated in one of my uploaded videos by a Judo black belt from Mehdi Judo Academy. It is nicer, better executed, but is a way too different variation to compare with this, but worth watching. I'm also no kid, nor ignorant in terms of both Judo and BJJ. Do you think this video here shows proper technique for kata-guruma?

  • motherofallevos says:

    not to well presented for a start his left arm should be straight (sort of punching fresh air )out this pulls your opponent onto his toes i used to do this from ippon seoi nage lovley throw

  • motherofallevos says:

    molataz i totally agee with you . balagezyan looks like a judo player. expert village don't seem to do their homework the techniques are close but still misleading

  • I think Ufc is awsome. WWE Is for entertainment. Thats why they have story lines. Its fun to get into. It doesnt have to be real to have fun with. The Rivalries, and everything

  • @ArchyBeatz save for the difference that the aim of judo is not to use force, but momentum and technique.
    and that requires a lot more practice and study, because also the aim is to neutralize the opponent or give him a serious warning.
    in wrestling is mostly used the knelt version, wich in judo is called Kata Guruma, and really is useful just for putting the opponent on the groud and gain advantage.
    this is the difference, besides that yep, the move is the same 🙂

  • @sulsabam the whole role of the uke is to be thrown, if the throw is done correctly and they know how to breakfall then there wouldnt be a problem at all. im fairly certain i would be able to do that throw to at least a more sophisticated level. though as it has been said, it was to highlight the FMC. ive been doing judo a fairly long time and am fairly sure i have this one to a more than capable level of execution. thanks for your concern

  • @live4bass no, not anymore, its now illegal to grab the leg, unless its as a counter move, the way he did it is illegal now, which is a shame

  • psychedashell says:

    @Jahofnietdan2 There was a program called 'Bumfights' I don't know how many of them are youtube fanatics, but it's worth checking out.

  • this is actually a trrible example of kata-guruma
    1) his grips the judo-gi below the elbow on the out side of the arm, instead of near the shoulder slightly above the arm. this alone is enough to make the move in efficient.

    2) he pulls forward instead of locking his elbow to his chest after the oponent has lost his balance. this will reduce the pull strength by about 70%.

    3) he bends his back, and risks injury! no wonder his word "slip in" sound so strained

  • Actually there is no so called "Advanced technique" but if you want to do a more difficult technique try Sode Tsurikomi Goshi, a hip throw

  • Watch the Japanese if you want to learn Judo on the net. THEY have the perfect techniques. Although i'm a nobody but really. That form of kata will strain your back.

  • im more advanced in my judo group but because i have been doing judo for around 2.5 years but my coach wont allow me to do these because she says it would be unfair on the other members is there less advanced that is suitable for people that go from the ages of 11-15? because im 14 and i am practicing for 1 hour sessions and i am to have a more wide range of throws to beat my opponent i am not beginner but i think im not quite ready for advanced what video's shall i watch?

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