Additional artists and taekwondo team confirmed for Pyongyang concert delegation

Additional artists and taekwondo team confirmed for Pyongyang concert delegation

Further details of the South Korean pop concerts
to be held in Pyongyang next week have been announced. Two more artists have been added, and the
inclusion of a taekwondo demonstration team is also confirmed. Our Kwon Jang-ho reports. With 5 days to go until the first South Korean
pop concert on North Korean soil in 13 years, the final details are falling in place. The South Korean government said on Tuesday
that the size of the delegation has been increased to 190 members,… 30 more than originally
agreed with Pyongyang. The delegation consists of artists, stage
staff, government officials and members of the press. But the increase comes primarily due to the
confirmation that a taekwondo demonstration team will also be performing in Pyongyang. The taekwondo team is scheduled to perform
twice but separately from the pop concerts on April 1st and 2nd. And during the second performance, they are
slated to take the stage with their North Korean counterparts. Two more artists have also been added to the
concert roster: folk singer Kang San-ae and jazz pianist Kim Kwang-min. They will join nine other artists, including
pop legends Cho Yong-pil and Lee Sun-hee, as well as the K-pop female idol group, Red
Velvet. Seoul said others could be added to the line-up
at the last minute… but contrary to widespread anticipation, one artist that won’t be joining
them is global sensation PSY. Authorities didn’t specify why it didn’t work
out, but said they hope for different opportunities in with the star of ‘Gangnam Style’ in the
future. Further details on transport were also announced. A preparatory team of 70 members, mostly stage
staff and government officials, will leave on Thursday, along with a separate plane for
stage and music equipment. The rest of the delegation will leave on Saturday. Commercial passenger and cargo planes will
be chartered for the teams, taking them directly from Seoul to Pyongyang. The concerts will take place on Sunday and
Tuesday afternoon, with the delegation returning to South Korea in the evening after the second
performance. Kwon Jang-ho, Arirang News.


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