A day of super master | English Sub | Morio Higaonna sensei | gojuryu

A day of super master | English Sub | Morio Higaonna sensei | gojuryu

You guys did well Karii(Cheers) Please Columbian Please Today,awamori day Good evening Old days,after training, My Seniors used be sitting like this and talking about old stories Drinking awamori,talking about karate in Uchinaaguchi(Okinawa dialect) They never use standard Japanese “Higashionna gamakuccho ….(Uchinaaguchi)” Tuck your chin in The founder “Choujun Miyagi” had a talk for 3-4 hours after 2 hours trainig Some stories one after another Once he drink, never stop There was a game “Buusaa” (Explaining the rule of Buusaa) “Buu saa shii” if you lose,you drink up It’s like a “Rock?paper?scissors” Then,if you lose,you drink up My father drunk up 1.8 litre in a night He loved awamori Salud,Kanpai Awamori very good Buy some awamoris and bring those to Columbia Strong? Good taste? yes! If you drink,karete more stronger She wants more awamori 43 degrees Just like a whisky This is normal “Kame(ceramic sake bottle)” To condition,you put awamori and Chinese “kanpo” grass and wood in it In China,also put sake and kanpo grass in it The condition means,conditionig bones and blood Put your hand in the bottle,making your hand wet Put it on your hand like this… And then…. For bones and blood circuration My sensei “Kanryou Higaonna” said that you need to learn Kanpo medication for martial arts If you hurt here,do this.. If you got that,do this… Put some if you hurt your joint Using alcohol,gonnabe awamori in Okinawa There is many people drink awamori in my international group But english drink beers Many of the other people drink awamori 99% of karate practitioner drink awamori The founder “Choujun Miyagi”also drunk awamori Russian and european drink a lot,also American They have big bodies Was it danish? the people who drink a lot? Danish drink a lot Most of them drink awamori in Izakaya bar “Kin-can” foreigners like awamori quite Somebody said that Japanese Sake make you hangover in next day but awamori don’t Was it you? Spirits alcohol are hard to hangover They(those foreigners) don’t get dizzy after they drunk Making me wonder they’ve drunk They are strong for alcohols


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  • He's not the super master and not Japan's most dangerous man, you are crazy you have stolen that title from the real man in Japan and who comes from another srhlr: uechy riu

  • Wow its amazing to see Sensei Higaonna on YouTube again, I first discovered him a couple of years ago on a documentary made by the BBC back in the 80s. I would love to learn karate from him, even if it was only for an hour.

  • Mark Robbie Corral says:

    the last thing i would like to do earth is to be drunk ang get into a heated argument and in to a fist fight with these guys.

  • It was in the late '70's that friends of mine made a world trip to the Orient. They went to visit dojos in Okinawa.The Goju-ryu school was suffering an internal tug-of-war as to who was the inheritor of the school.
    The Japanese gov't. wanted to establish Goju-ryu as a Japanese art. So Morio Higaonna arose in the '80s to fill the void.
    They tried to do this in the late '60s with Gogen Yamaguchi of his Goju-Kai fraud but it didn't work out. Thank God.
    Incidentally, Chojun Miyagi died in '53 so all these "old days" stories are general knowledge.

  • Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling says:

    I think its interesting hiw all these masters who undoubtedly preached health fitness and other virtues used to get drunk as a y frat boy after a tard rhby baskwtball or football match.
    Seems a bit hypoci to me.

  • Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling says:

    You just know back in the day someone said something wrong and got his block knocked off
    Sensi aint gonna tell you that story though.

  • Niste imitatori de proasta calitate. Babelor!!! Sunte ti japonezi si habar n aveti de zen si locul lui in artele martiale.

  • Mortgage Financing says:

    Martial arts is supposed to be a healthy life style not drink alcohol excessively especially after training

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