9 Women SAFETY & SELF DEFENCE Hacks … | #LifeSavingHacks #Fun #Anaysa

9 Women SAFETY & SELF DEFENCE Hacks … | #LifeSavingHacks #Fun #Anaysa

Where’s my Deo?? I don’t know… I told you many times don’t touch my stuffs what if you use our stuff? don’t try to be over smart Papa… He slapped me so what after all he’s a kid I told you many times don’t talk I’ll show you If I see his no. next time in your phone I am not your property…I too have self respect low down your voice what happened … Mummy.. give me some money I need to go for a party but I’ve given you Rs. 2000 last week…have you spent all?? its not enough I don’t know anything I want money speak in low voice now this is what left to be happen… slapped me yesterday…. now he is raising against you he would have been a good human if instead of us he would have got the slaps Now onwards Don’t even dare to raise your hands against anybody well a women safety begins from her house itself not only for girls safety is necessary for all of us so start up has been given and next we all will proceed together so today we wouldn’t ask you for Likes shower your lover as much as you can let’s withdraw some money from ATM take out all the money otherwise this knife will pierce from here & will be out from there…what we call it?? its from feet…. no thats top of the feet she is trying to say Knees…she is habitual of missing some words while talking now we are rich…we’ll keep this precious stuff in locker By the way that was a nice hack enter pin in reverse if you caught up in the situations like these this will lock the ATM wow.. we got today its all the power of our eyes I saw he got scared while you staring at him so I too will do the same thanks dear.. even I got to know about it coz of you i have big eyes by birth also you will take initiate beforehand like Bharti did here you must know some defensive techniques If someone grab you from back attack with any pointed thing on his neck and hit on this portion of his legs and beat him with your palm like this I was trying to follow that thief he ran away taking my wallet you see.. how aware a common man is now always ready for the demo someone help me… I am alone… what happened has he gone?? Actually that guy was stalking me I shout when ever I caught up in these situations by the way that’s a nice idea start shouting without having fear when ever you caught up in these situations so the people will come to help you let’s help him first take the patient to the nearest hospital and government will finance on medication ok we initiated but what about doctor who’ll ask about the all the formalities…like filling up forms even the Doctors are advised to treat first than any formalities let’s take a selfie oho…where’s my phone either you missed it in taxi, bus or leave here n there I’ve recently bought it always fix ear phone in your mobile like this


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