72 Year Old Vegan Shows How To Defend Against Multiple Attackers

72 Year Old Vegan Shows How To Defend Against Multiple Attackers

– John and seventy two-year-Old Vegans, I got a vegan diet which means a full plan three diamonds really go Hi this is John, 72 year old vegan. Going on a vegan diet which is a whole plant food diet, really helped me with my health. Tell me if I keep my gums help you with restraint losing weight and It has lowered my cholesterol level It’s helped me with my teeth, my gums. It’s helped me with my strength, losing weight, and it has lowered my cholesterol level. Around 150 or so and it’s been a real blessing and I’ve been I’m vegan diet for about whole plant food diet for about About a year and a half now Around 150 or so and, it’s been a real blessing, and I’ve been on a vegan diet a whole plant food diet for about a year and a half now. so Along with the Vegan diet I also Ant exercise or exercise really important I use all different kinds of exercises I use aerobic anaerobic, but this one is aerobic exercise and I like to do martial arts So, along with the vegan diet I also add exercise. Exercise is important. I use all kinds of different exercises. I use aerobic, anaerobic. and one thing about Boxing martial arts is being able to Dodge a punch or a punch is coming in you want to be able to But, this one is aerobic exercise , and one thing about boxing and martial arts is being able to dodge a punch. move this side you let’s rotate and um Avoid being hit and We have punching bags, but punching bags. Do not really help you you know to Move to the side. Rotate and avoid being hit and we have punching bags but punching bags really to Avoid To avoid a punch to avoid being locked out so any up I have two piece of equipment to kind of help in that area a little bit do not help you to avoid a punch, to avoid being knocked out. So, anyhow, I have two pieces of equipment to help In the fact that when you when you hit the object it comes flying back at you And you have to put your hand out either to block it or hit it now if I block it It’ll just stop the motion so I just hit it so we’re hitting the object would be the same thing as blocking and do a cap down but but like that that cut type of thing and so I Just hit the thing but the thing comes back at you at all kinds of Angles which really develops your reflexes the first one I’m going to back up your and show you is the kind of Green Ball I bought this at Walmart. I was surprised I found this at Walmart And it’s on a strengths got a base and you can tighten the base And make this ball as loose or as tight as you want and so the other one is the this object over here this is all black and you can kick this one, and this is the Kind of greenies ball right here and like I said it’s going to string Here is a bass and you can tighten this bass and make this thing It’s flexible or as tight as you want, so I like it loose, I? Like it loose because it bounce and comes back at you in all kinds of directions. So this is how it works? see The idea is if you hit it, it’s coming back. It’s like hitting it it comes back. It’s almost like blocking a punch. blocking a punch And it moves around in such a way that it really develops your reflexes I Missed that one. I would have gotten hit so Yeah the other one This one is called the core bag. Like your core as in your middle core stomach, and you can buy these on ebay though they’re like $49 dollars. Fifty dollars and You can kick this one or hitter and it comes back at your different angles to so I like to use these in combination, so these two training tools are good for multiple attackers? now if you’ve ever had any kind of martial arts training with multiple attackers You don’t stand still you are moving you’re moving very rapidly from one component to the next you never stop moving and that could be very exhausting and You could use up your energy in 1 minute or so but the idea is and move around and when you move to move to Opponent get one hit, one or two hits you got to knock them out You don’t have all day long when you when you’re fighting multiple attackers And there’s some videos on YouTube showing an expert martial artists Who are actually in real combat with people and they are fighting in multiple attackers with success? And you’re watching they’re moving moving moving. So this is good to kind of move around It’s good to practice for multiple attackers, so I’ll go through a session here Yeah Okay Okay, see I’m already winded And that was what maybe 30 seconds 40 seconds? I don’t know, but it’s good training builds up your Cardio and the other training I do a sprints I have a really large backyard one acre of land and so I can sprint up and down this yard and Sprint’s really develop your leg Muscles they developer your wind They help you lose weight a lot faster than just jogging and Sprint’s are have less tear. You have less tear and break down on your knee joints than when you jog where there is constant just pounding on the pavement when you sprint it’s quick. , You sprint fifty yards for eight seconds in my case maybe 12 seconds and being 72 I can’t sprint like I did in high school, but You’re just gliding along and and there’s a less wear and tear on your knee joint by sprints, so sprinting. It’s a really good martial arts training thing a lot of boxers get into jogging and professional boxers they jog well go jog one mile five miles and Some of them do Sprint the most of mainly jog, but, sprinting is really the best training, okay, listen This is John signing off, and I hope I have another piano lesson up, or maybe or something. You know my videos they cover a large span of ideas alright. Have a good day. Bye. Bye for now you


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