7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Fight Club

7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Fight Club

Gone Girl, the latest from director David
Fincher is out really soon and that was a good enough
excuse for us to celebrate a Fincher Classic here on Things You Didn’t Know it’s thin reasoning, I know. But hey, that’s
never stopped us before So, here are seven things you didn’t know
about Fight Club (probably) Gentleman, welcome to fight club. Since we’re talking about Fight Club
let’s start off with the thing about a fight. in this scene where the narrator fights
bob AKA meatloaf they were both supposed to be shirtless. After all that is one of the rules of Fight Club. they’ve built a special version me those
bats you for the scene that looked like a real poor so with you know skin and nips and stop but the
fat super super heavy and hot and it caused a lot of problems for example in this scene later in the
movie people’s pants fall down because of his big love him you can even see his leg heading for the
fat suit but venture capital in the movie because it was the best one anyway going back to the fight seem evil
had to be rushed in oxygen mask after every take just to recover from the
exertion he would be drenched in sweat fun fact:
they include a shot a meal ok with his oxygen in the movie itself right here the other issue is showing a
shirtless Bob fighting was David Fincher felt that it would just be too much you know with me loves giant sloppy tits
flopping around on let’s move on the scene with the
narrator’s boss confronting is a favorite but you may not have noticed
that it has a continuity here they actually to reshoot Edward Norton’s
profile shot because they came up with a different take on how we should have
played well in the time between principal
photography in the reshoot the office building they shot in head change the
thermostat so it changes from black to silver and
back again during the sea and it just occurred to
me now that you probably won’t able to even watch this scene ever again
without looking at the thermostat literally the whole time the well since
they’ve already kinda grew in the first half the boss confrontation scene wanna break
the fourth wall on the second half where the narrator kicks his own ass this part here where he’s on the floor
bleeding out his nose there’s actually a died crawling on the floor behind Edward
Norton squirting the fake blood through to it
clearly this guy is a pro and squirting big work for two I mean a
pro look at that good that works Tyler turns out it’s are pretty
memorable but a lot of people including the MPAA
didn’t seem to pay much attention to this tank top that he wears at the end
of the film because you’re not seeing any other that shirt right there is a collage of pornography Motion
Picture Association of America you know the guys who give movie ratings
were actually really tough on Fight Club there are a lot of things left on the
cutting room for just to get it down to an R rating but the poor sure apparently wasn’t one because the NBA
just did notice colonie executives box but I noticed the
pervy narrator always notice okay so during the
sequence with the narrator’s trying to track down Tyler there’s this see where he looks at the phone bill for
clues we probably don’t know is the numbers on the bill were fake ones like they usually are in
movies apparently Tyler had been dialing Hollywood mega agency CAA all night david Vitter put that in there because
he figured that CA wouldn’t sue and even if they did they have to sue
themselves simpson here’s a couple be strictly see the movie marquee writer that
theater is showing seven years in Tibet which of course stars Brad Pitt and later on in the same
seen the other marquee in the distance for the people versus larry flint Edward
Norton Norton in Pitt are the only ones with nods to the earlier work David
Fincher has 12 it was just a complete coincidence the
station wagon in this scene here happens to also be in the movie the game which
Fisher had directed two years before Fight Club he just as
production to get him old beat-up car well in the wagon ride it looked nearly
familiar to even realized it was the same one the
use in this scene with michael douglas in jeans report I know one fact right T let’s finish on mark hub I i mean I
don’t ban me finish on my hon I mean you well you
know I never mind actually maybe I did mean and I am I am approving
a reader anyway marla has some of the best lines in the movie including this one my guy I haven’t
quite like that since grade school fans the book will know the original
line was even more controversial so controversial that part execs
insisted that interchange which he did but they were able to fill
many alternate until recieved after principal and the reshoots for the
scene was shot in of all places a church rectory knowing that little bit
of Informix morals like even more awesomely wrong doesn’t it
even the camera operator started cracking up over our bond partners
delivery shot cuts out one frame before the
camera starts shaking from him laugh well those are seven thanks for today
but the first rule of things you didn’t know is tell everyone about things you didn’t
know in the second row is the same as the first so if you guys tell enough people maybe
we’ll do a part 21 Fight Club thanks for watch be sure to check out
soon if it’s not comment subscribe for more true ish things about movies spoken
to you by approving a reader right here on things you didn’t know


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