3 vs 1 Self-Defense Scenario

3 vs 1 Self-Defense Scenario

[BLANK_AUDIO] Okay. So the self defense scenario is I’m a manager at a retail store. I was looking at some guys who I thought might be stealing, and I kicked them out of my store, and I told them to leave. [BLANK_AUDIO] Oh this the guy that kicked us out of the store->>Yeah, this freaking guy, oh fuck->>I remember you->>You freak, you wanna freak ha?->>You idiot ->>What’s up?->>Let’s get him. Get the guy. [NOISE] Now, you guys saw how fast it happened. 3 vs 1 self defense scenario. One of them had a knife. That was the whole part also of the scenario. As you’re faced with three attackers, one of them had the knife, I didn’t know who had it. All three came. I was put in a circle. The first thing I’m trying to think, well, I don’t want to stay in one position, I want to start moving. Right away, I saw Marco do this. As soon as I saw, the knife came out so fast. I didn’t think, let me trap and strike because they were just so positioned. I’d be fighting three on one and a close environment. All I thought of is, as the knife came out, I parried, I move and boom, I got out as quickly as possible. Again, do I want to get into a knife fight against three guys in a closed environment? We have to be very realistic guys. I was able to managed to pick up the knife. Well, that was already a lot because I’m looking at six hands. He had his hand in his pockets, he’s moving this way. This is the keys. What are their hands saying, what is the body language saying, who’s leading, who’s talking, who’s moving around and where’re they positioning themselves? I’d love to tell you, okay guys, when the guy’s got a knife and you’re faced with three on one. Get the knife Marco. You go, do like this, you’ll go, one, two, and then when this guy moves, you kick him here. He’s supposed to drop. When he drops, you move this guy, and you palm strike him here, and then you get out. That would be in a movie, that’s why we do movies. But in reality these guys, we can do the same scenario ten times. And we’re going to get a different scenario each time because I don’t know how they’re going to move, I don’t know who they’re gonna position them, I don’t know who’s gonna lead, who’s going to have the knife. So again, the more of these self defense scenarios you do, the more you start using your awareness and understanding well. I’m listening and I’m looking at body language. I’m looking at their chest, I’m looking at their hands, where they’re positioning, where they’re moving, so I could be able to pick up the knife when it’s coming out versus when it’s already out, and he’s slashing, and I’m faced with Gio grabbing me like a pretzel, and him trying to charge me, and this guy’s stabbing me, you’re screwed. So this is the key, awareness and being able to pick up everything they’re doing prior to the initial strike. [BLANK_AUDIO]


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  • Can't say this helped. A lot of your videos r just turning in to run away as the answer. Can u get something else that might help act defend if u were cornered by multiple attackers?

  • real counter puncher of self defense video's! present of mind to escape to run..thats the number 1 self defense! but if your so fucking pro! go on carry on and fuck them off or fuck your self then be a hero!!! but if your just a amateur dont you ever act like your the men! otherwise your on deep shit! provably dead! 1 on 1? maybe.. why not! but more than 1? go and save your ass… 

  • BlackHeartsGamer says:

    I wish that I had subscribed earlier, these videos would have saved me a few beatings… Keep up the good work

  • Learning a lot too.   I like these easy simple moves.

    Just a question, what about.     Your palm, push up against their chin. Push it straight  Up and push backwards/downwards against the floor.  ( Hope you understood me.)
    Supposed to be simple, but is it really that easy to do?

    But you know best. 😀

  • MilitaryPack Junkie says:

    Im actually already trusting and learning what this guy's trying to teach. its not like the Liam Neeson guy from 'Taken' in reality… Running should be the top priority in worse situations just like this one! well..if u carry ur pistol all the time, thats the magic LOL again, many thanks for the great lesson! well done guys 🙂

  • Back in the days, when I was still in the garden, The guy who were training us explained to us that when you get cornered by 3or more agressive individuals aka/Douchbags/meatbags/Thirsty camels, First thing you gotta do is understand who is who, there is many categories I will give you some of them for fun: the alpha dog, the one who got something to prove or is just simply stupid sometimes both, then the beta dog aka the follower the one who will follow the alpha becuz he dosent have the brain to think for himself without screwing everything, and last but not least the sneaky little bastard who always gets into your blind spot. My advice the first one you want take out is the alpha do it violently if your lucky the follower hesitate that give you the time to take care of the sneaky bastard who usally run or back down if miss but not always, take out the follower in last.

  • Great comedy video.
    What happens when they keep chasing you,, and there's nowhere else to run ?
    Perhaps you should watch some Krav Maga videos ?

  • Attila Vinczer says:

    Excellent realistic advice. In the gym, you have perfect conditions. In real world situations, it is very fluid, fast and many obstacles to contend with along with your attacker(s) who could have guns, knives, bottles, sticks etc.

  • Landon Shelvey says:

    Are you able to come up with some scenarios when being attacked where bear mace comes into play? Where I live there is a huge problem of young wannabes using bear mace in order to jump people and rob them, most of the time just as random acts if violence with the rise of gangs in my area. Keep up the good work, your videos have saved many including myself. Much respect.

  • Hi Nick, just want to ask, what if I'm with my wife or kid, they can't run fast, how do I defend them and myself from multiple attackers?

  • Nick I've done Martial Arts for many years and studied many forms.

    I think your videos are superb. One of the main things missing from traditional martial arts is REAL application.

    Learning the cold hard unpredictable reality instead of useless drills with compliant partners with pre determined attacks. Your drills are forward thinking. Even though most is instinct, trying to bring comman sense and thought into a fight situation can save your life.

    Keep up the good work!

  • This is the correct strategy for not only most people, but most martial artists as well. You would only fight here if you could not escape, a lot can happen fast. In the event you were cornered and had to fight, best option is to try to take the knife and neutralize the first guy quick. That will buy a little time to re-position or flee. You will get cut if there is a fight. If you have a weapon on you, that would help, the goal is still to escape. Jack Reacher is just a movie, any field operative would still be in some trouble here.

  • I love your videos, they are very realistic and helpful. I took Krav Maga classes for 2 months, and some of their techniques make no sense at all, are ridiculous and could end up killing me, esp. the ridiculous knife defences. Like you mention many times, situational awareness (without the overboard paranoia that they teach in Krav Maga) is very key, but again I don't need to pay for a self defence class to know this. I was stalked by 2 men who followed me from two train rides to where I got off, and what saved my ass, was being very aware of the situation and running for my life. Subed! 🙂

  • you like seem a guy who see everything in a fight, game o whatever. Becouse i am like u. We are "CAPITAN".
    Greatings from Argentina

  • Terrible you need a place to run to, without a place to run to they only gonna chase till they catch you. Yes awareness is great paying attention but a few techniques can allow you to take on 3 or more people

  • Well same scenario here. Myself just today i was minding my own business with my girldfriend and with my mate and his girlfriend, they stopped and the guy was shouting nonsenes . I even forgot what but all of them came out and i think they were picking up fights. And then i saw two of em hands in pockets. They tryed to forced us to apologise for nothing and then guess what we did. We apologised and the guy started swearing and just moved back to his car and then i told my mates to walk it. Coz i knew they were going for something and i knew it. One guy came out. And got my hands ready and told my mate to get ready as well if something happens. This kind of happened to me but at different scenarios. One rule is dont start the punch until u feel threatened for life and especially if they have cars. Ans look out for your surrounding to find object if you cant use your fists but i warn u must be good at foghting and if you are with someone. Fight as a team. If they have crazy weapons that can harm u. Run and call for help

  • I got beaten by four guys last night and they were black, damn their punches were so heavy. If that bouncer doesn't Intervened they would have killed me, and I was with a chick so you can imagine my embarrassment 🙁 Run is the best option or you will end up in hospital.

  • Im willing to take the time to learn how to fight multiple attackers. Right now with no training, obviously run. But I'm sure there is some type of training out there that can teach me right? Does anybody know the name of it

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