in today’s video I want to teach you how to use this thing right here, also know as a makiwara, a traditional conditioning and impact tool from Okinawa the birth-place of Karate the word itself, makiwara, actually consists of two different parts “maki” which means “around” in Japanese and “wara” which is the original name of the straw or the rope that they used to tie around the striking post The purpose of striking a makiwara is not to make your knuckles big and swollen Far from it. The purpose is actually to get bio-kinetic feedback so that when you have that impact, you know that your joints and your body is [sic] properly aligned to deliver kinetic energy into the target. Now here are my 3 favorite exercises. Number: 1 The regular reverse punch Known as “Yakuzuki” in Japanese. Start off with your hand on your hip, this is known as the “Hikite” and your other hand down here so you’re prepared to strike. You will then do a regular reverse punch pulling back your other hand and striking through the makiwara and make sure that you aim slightly behind the makiwara so you can have that penetrating effect like so … [THWACK] [THWACK] [THWACK] You can actually adjust the way you hit depending on your distance from the makiwara. If you’re far away, you can do the regular “Seiken tsuki” in Japanese, but if you’re closer, you can do a 45-degree type of strike, or even this way if you’re super close, known as “Ura tsuki” in Japanese these are different variations of the regular straight punch depending on your distance from the makiwara Now let’s move on the second exercise is a cool one and I actually learned this from a master in Okinawa Here’s what you do You start with a backfist the “uraken” strike like this and then using the momentum from your hips you continue you go through with what’s known as “kagezuki” or a hooking punch in traditional karate putting those together; you go, 1, 2 and then, 1,2! try to do them with the same hip twist 1,2! The first one goes through, the second one bounces back 1, 2! 1, 2! 1, 2! Try to have a good posture and parallel stance without leaning over or compromising this way Now, number #3 This is perhaps one of my favorite ones because I love close-quarters fighting and now we’re gon’na use our elbows Starting from the same position, like before I want you to grab your own fist on the back hand and then aim with the elbow for the center of the makiwara usually people elbow with with their whole arm this way which is not an effective move but it hurts less, I can give you that However, if you want an effective elbow strike I suggest you aim with the tip of your elbow, this way for the center of the makiwara and incorporate your hips as well If you want to move around while striking the makiwara in different ways that’s fine as well the basic way to start with the makiwara is to be standing still but as you progress and get more advanced you can add footwork around and even kicks if you like to And that’s it. These were some of my favorite exercises with the makiwara I hope it gives you some more understanding and insight the how and why to use the makiwara the traditional striking post of oldschool karate Train hard, good luck and have fun.


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