#3 Best Hapkido Training Technique   Wrist grab and escape part 2

#3 Best Hapkido Training Technique Wrist grab and escape part 2

hi I’m Master Ik Hwan Kim I’ll teach you the fundamentals of Hapkido and various self-defense techniques, let us begin fourth and fifth techniques employ the
use of the circle and semicircle both of which are important movements in many
martial arts again step into your opponent this time however move your
captured hand in a circular motion to the inside and turn it over until your
palm faces upward make note of the make note of the position of the attackers hand and arm when you perform this technique by maintaining his grip your opponent’s
hand and arm are forced to twist inside out, in effect he is forced to free your
hand because it becomes physically impossible for him to maintain the grip the fifth escape uses a circle to the
outside, step into your opponent move your hand in a circular motion to the
outside of his wrist your palm should be facing him again the movement will twist
his hand and arm forcing him to release the grip during your studies in the art
of Aikido it is worthwhile to experiment with these techniques to truly discover
why a technique works for example all of the previous escapes require you to step
into the opponent before executing the hand movement why what benefit is
derived by stepping into the attacker under these circumstances experiment and
see if you can understand and feel the significance of this movement having
learned to escape from a risk grab it is time to attack


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