20 Minute HIIT Workout No Equipment High Intensity Interval Training Home Workout without Equipment

20 Minute HIIT Workout No Equipment High Intensity Interval Training Home Workout without Equipment

This week’s a special week because the
patreon pledges got to decide what 20 Minute HIIT Workout No Equipment High Intensity Interval Training Home Workout without Equipment we’re doing
let me show you the little poll look at the winner killer hiit,i want to see
coach K almost puke.. :3 well..be careful what you ask for here we go hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and i’m claudia and this is a home workout without equipment is a great routine for beginners all the way
through advanced trainees because we’re going to be providing
modifications along the way yep,Claudia is going to handle those there’s no equipment required for
this workout today but you may want a Mat for some
comfort,totally up to you we’re going to get right into
this thing today total body workout burning a bunch
of calories,are you ready?I’m ready let’s get in on! ok we’re going to start
with Knee Chops. we’re gonna start with feet staggered
reaching up we’re going to bring our knee up and
crunch down at the same time so I’m gonna add a little variation
right drop down into a reverse lunge so I’m dropping that back knee down
until both my knees are at a 90-d angle and i’m just gonna do the regular knee chop
try to bring that knee up as high as you can it’s okay if you aren’t
able to bring it up as high as me no worries,you do the best you can and
switch opposite side now we’re not going to count any repetitions
today so it’s really just going to be
about getting as many reps in as you can and a lot of time period,
good crunch and down every time bring that knee up and pulling your
upper body into it nice work keep it up let’s go get going
right from the start with this one no breaks today,we’re just gonna charge
on through to the end come on let’s go in five four three two one all right we’re going to the ground and get some upper body some core going i’m get my mat out here high plank position or plank from your knees and I’m gonna go reach through and fly
alternating sides left to right reaching through underneath your arm
pulling back with your back reach through and fly,keep that core tight
back nice and straight you’ve to,keep your feet a little bit wider
and shoulder width just to add some balance this one,specially draw that
belly bottom up towards your spine you got it,and breathe anytime you get into
one of these high plank positions comes much easier to hold your breath
and forget about breathing don’t forget about it it’s crucial Good one into the next you got it left-right working your core upper back even get a little legs in there keep going almost there,let’s go for
5 more seconds of this one,and 3,2,1,0 and we’re up now we’re going to do
a typewriter so we’re going side to side I’m gonna go high knee typewriter,
Claudia’s just gonna go fast feet you decide basically the higher you get
those knees up the harder is i want you to use your arms too
the arms swing going good here we go,and i’m just using
little chops for my hot feet here hot feet side-to-side it’s okay if you
don’t have much space as we do it’s okay can be nice and tight,
either the right and to the left good keep going to come up,don’t slow
down this is gonna get your heart rate up in a hurry,you gotta it,keep driving
through Burning those legs out let’s go almost there
5,4,3,2,1 to the ground we’re doing a push-up variation again
I’m going high plank claudia’s going from her knees
we’re going to push up on the way down full deadstop,
reach out with your back and back up so you’re reaching up
overhead push-up+Superman for Claudia’s stand on her knees and then going to a dead stop you feel this one in your back and your
shoulders on that Superman reach,good make sure to bring your abs and core up with
you and don’t let them sink on the way up it’s really easy to do this,don’t let
your butts stay down right,cheater,cheater but bring it with you don’t cheat you’re
only cheating yourself :3 come on let’s go,this way I think the
variation from my knees really cool for that totally agree not much left,carry them out 5,4,3,2,1 alright..perfect we’re going to keep attacking that chest
your triceps stand down here we’re doing Tricep Popups,so Claudia
again from her knees and i’m top gonna get your hands out in front just a
little bit out of your body drop your.. elbows straight down and pop up all triceps keep those elbows in and
back up guys i’m gonna show you another variation
even if from the knees is still too hard for you,we just want you
to back up a little bit,maybe you’re more with ..your hands underneath.. your shoulders and just do it this way and your hips are up higher
hips are higher and it really just decreases
the resistance,correct.. you’re still going to feel it by all
means,still working,it’s just not as maybe intense as if you’re here not much left on this one guys
let’s go finish strong finish strong and 5,4,3,2,1
men now the triceps burn out,nice okay back up on your feet for the next
one moving into a hop I’m gonna do a one-leg hop,
Claudia is just gonna do on both i’m just gonna do with a faux jump rope here exactly so staying light on the ball of
the foot little bending your knee or knees and try your best not to allow
your heel to make contact with the ground just nail on the balls of your feet
staying nice and light you have to tell we’re on the same page of that
if you have neighbors underneath you I don’t want their hear you good you got it,common,
keep it going stay in light switch if you’re on
just one foot otherwise continue so way to really think about these is that
you’re putting energy back into the ground right you’re not pounding but instead
you’re hopping back up like a bouncy ball not a rock good stay light
stay light breathe,you got it let’s go ten more seconds almost there how many hops can you get
and 3,2,1 ok nice moving on we’re going a reverse
lunge and twist, stepping back twist your opposite side
I’m going to bring my knee up for Claudia’s just going to stand straight
up,want you to drop that back knee so it’s on a 90 degree angle keep
your posture shoulders back twisting of anywhere between
45 to 90 degrees depending on your flexibility get those abs
involved and then twist back into your knee good you got it we’re gonna switch legs halfway through
uff and focus your eyes on something guys yes it helps so,not to lose your balance
like me switch yeah findinga focal point your eyes really helps you to stay balanced so find something to look at
keep your eyes focused on it, with alot of exercise guys you really have
toconcentrate on what it’s that you’re doing concentrate on every rep,
stay focused every single moment is a big mind
and muscle connection and just focus you got,so keep breathing and not pay
attention to those legs are burning too but we’re fighting through it let’s go for five four three two one zero alright your legs break we’re going to the ground and going into a push-up
hover position so either from your knees or top we’re going to drop down into our
Chest is about 3 to 6 inches from the ground elbows are bent on 90 and you’re just
gonna hold yes this is a terrible as it looks
ok keep your core tight do not hold your breath,is that
point time in the workout where it becomes more mental than physical
where’s your head at how bad do you want it prove it right here,put it all out there
breathe good you got it stay tight stay tight,let’s go 10 more
seconds that’s it stick with me,stick with us,
let’s go almost there and 5,4,3,2,1 up Wow time for the legs let’s go
we gotta Posterior Swing feet little wider and shoulder-width
toes are out butt back,swing,hips forward
I’m gonna jump up to the top butt back back forward,hike your arms
between your legs keep just a little bend in your knees as you throw
and swing those arms back behind you you’re doing the jump land nice and soft with your weight in your hips and sure this is not a squat
just break at the hips you can feel a little stretch that
hamstring back there yeah folding over the hips using your
hips as a hinge you gotta come up fighting through,squeeze those glutes
on the top,squeeze them.. almost there keep moving move with us let’s go 5,4,3,2,1,0 we get into a low squat position,
Iso low squat i’m gonna jump back Claudia is going to step back and then
arms go straight up overhead so hands on the ground,feet back,
feet forward extend legs are feeling it that’s ok that’s how we know it’s
working you decided to step back or the jump
back is more appropriate for you but do not break,keep fighting
with us guys,keep fighting push through think about that
goal think about what it is that brought you here today
and fight through it you got it,you got it,
and 5,4,3,2,1.. nice work ok just a few quick second
to catch your breath you got some water now is the time to
grab it so 20-second rest in total few deep breaths you feel good you wanna
keep going can jump rope in place just to keep moving let’s go only five more
seconds we’re getting back into that knee chop exercise feet are staggered here
we go in 3,2,1 pull that knee up and then you’re dropping
into that reverse lunch or you’re just going right into the
next repetition the second round you’re little more familiar
with all the movements so expect a little more out of yourself
push it just a little harder now we have not down time trying to
figure out the move so get right into it come on let’s go,keep that core
nice and tight and just draw in that belly bottom,
that’s a good rule of them three two one switch in side now
let’s go right into it no downtime you got it you’re going to get out of
this work out what you put into it you gotta push yourself because nobody
else can do it for you,let’s go definitely another nice total body
move here,stick with it it definitely feels in your shoulders just
by reaching over your head exactly and I’m feeling more my
shoulders and my legs 5,4,3,2,1 to the ground high plank position we’re going to
reach through and fly, try your best to keep those shoulders Square
to the ground so you don’t want to twist but
instead pull back with that elbow like you have a string attached
to your elbow,pull back good keep the core tight and
don’t forget to breathe you got it doing great so far probably going to be several moments
coming up that hasn’t happened already and you want to pause that video don’t do it, don’t do it to yourself
keep fighting through even if you gotta switch to the modified
version that’s okay just keep moving even if you have to slow down don’t stop let’s go you can come back repeat this workout and get a little bit better
every single time good almost there and 5,4,3,2,1 we’re up and we have typewriters,
i’m gonna in High knees, claudia’s just going hot feet one side and the next,
keep those arms working with you Shoulders stay Square
let’s get going come on breath, halfway on this one let’s go guys come on
kick it up a notch almost there five,four,three,
two,one all right to the ground we’re up into high
plank,we’re going into the push up+ Superman reach,you decide ifyou’re from
your knees or your top on your feet core tight..yeah don’t forget to bring
your abs with you when you press up don’t leave them behind good i love getting down these plank variation
exercises because it’s a great way to work your abs without ever getting on
your back to do a crunch so it’s super-efficient being a lot
done in a short period of time,that’s right nice you got it,keep driving guys don’t give
up don’t slow down,one into the next you’re a machine you got it,that’s right
we can’t push pause so,you can’t push pause no the only fair come on we’re in this
together let’s go 5,4,3,2,1 alright moving into the tricep pop ups woo back down,stay down here not
getting up turned!,Claudia was hoping we’re going to drop down on
those elbows and we’re back up again you have to switch to this one
that’s ok if you gotta drop those knees bring the
butt up a little bit do what you gotta do,no shame in that
game,no i wish i could do it i tell you what the triceps are probably
one of my weakest muscles so you know everybody has a weakness
just a matter not avoiding that weakness but instead focusing on it maybe even doing double what that
weaknesses to bring it up that’s what we’re doing right here keep
those elbows in and pop back up you got it breathe
let’s got 10 seconds that’s it last 10 seconds stick with us
stick with us thanks god ness..5,4,3,2,1 okay back up on your feet moving into
hops so we’re staying light.. around the balls of those feet
or faux jump ropes giving the upper body a little minute to
recover from those back-to-back and now we can attack our legs staying light
quick hops let’s pick up the speed on this one a little faster than last
round, we’re trying to keep that heel elevated
off the ground so it’s all ball of the foot contact
light touches let’s go come on switch it up,opossite side if you’re
doing one on one at a time tell i’m out of breath hope you guys are
enjoying this as much as we are keep fighting keep pushing you’re almost
there let’s go fight with us remember thousands of you maybe millions in the
same workout all feel that same burn don’t give up let’s go Hasfit tribe let’s go come on 5,4,3,2,1 we’re going to reverse lunge and twist
and you decide if you bring that knee up or if you let it stay down,really engor..
engage that core on the wist, engorge we don’t do that oh i know,so this happens when you look
tired and you’re start losing your form making suffer,again concentrate find a
focal point here we go I got it I got it back so I’m not perfect either just
about given perfect effort don’t need a perfect outcome it’s gotta keep working keep showing up and it’ll happen for you and your
workouts and in life just keep grinding everybody keep grinding let’s go you got it let’s go five four three two one switching sides,right into it let’s go we’re feeling it
we’re all feeling it my legs mylanta mylanta i gotta stay balance
here we go sheesh,I’m slipping my own
sweat too that’s not helping
good job drop that back knee to a 90
don’t bounce it off the ground if you want you can touch the ground
but don’t bounce off the ground just a little tap just a little tap almost there
5,4..,1,0 all right pushup hover
ooh no! popping up bring those elbows your 90 and you hold
and breathing,Gooo to your happy place and we are breathing don’t stop
breathing everybody push through keep that back straight
butt up keep fighting this is it right here,is a fight
you versus you it’s on your head don’t you dare give up come on
you’re better than you’re better than giving up come on your fighter not a quitter pushing through pushing through
10 seconds almost there almost there and five four three two one zero up on our feet Posterior swing,you gotta feet a
little wider either jumping or just swing want to,swing and
squeezing the glutes of top bring those hips back,hips forward
arms are just along for the ride no squatting here guys,go on the hips
hamstrings and glutes,a little lower back let’s just take a moment to recognize
coach KozaK awesome motivational speech he just gave me with those
push-up hovers just doing whatever we can to get
us all through this workout guys i know but who still not,
that can be such a good job and doing multiple things at one time
couldn’t do without you guys couldn’t do without you let’s go come almost there
5,4,3,2,1 last exercise,ok last one,let’s go,
low position either hopping and back or stepping back forward,arms up,
here it is guys.it’s that point the workout where everybody wants to quit you’re not alone and not imagine,how
terrible is this,because we work feeling too but when times get tough you want to be
the type of person that keeps moving keeps pushing forward or the type person
who stops come on it’s all in yourhead guys it’s all in yourhead guys don’t give up come on you know you got it,you got it
almost there let’s go 10 seconds that’s it fighting
through right to the end,almost there 3,2,1. haha nice job,oh man good job out there guys
good job out there uuff,i told it’d kick my rear end
if you enjoyed this workout and you’ve been working out with us for a while starting to see results,please consider,
donating at our patreon page uuff where you can support us in our mission
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like our facebook fanpage follows from snapchat,we just want to
meet you guys,we wanna know who you are reach out and connect yeah
I gonna get some water Thank You some food thank you for working out
with us today giving us a pleasure to train you I’m coach Kozak and i’m claudia and
we will see your next workout


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