#1 How to make fist = 주먹쥐는법/TAEKWONDO AT HOME

#1 How to make fist = 주먹쥐는법/TAEKWONDO AT HOME

Hello Taekwondo at home First Time I Oh Seyeob nice to meet you! Today, Will learn how to make fist To help you understand started taekwondo like you Let’s go with her Come out Mrs. Choi Miso (clap) nice to meet you Let’s learn it Please put your hands stretched Thumb No. 1 No.2 number 3 4 When it five times Except for number one, and the remaining four fingers A finger, please fold once like this Please do both hands good next Except number one Four fingers Once more Please just fold At this time here Open your hands So when Palm part After opening your palm Not folding as it is Pushing the palm area Please push as it is All right? If you have been following me well To do this, the best, come look Thumbs up good. Follow me well. then Now the No. 1 friends playing alone. Gonna give Paste No2, 3 front No2, 3 front Gonna give Paste Do not leave it anywhere Fold it lightly Front exactly Before no2, 3 Please put it in front If it looks exactly like me and came out You are following well here One thing is more important Immediately, It’s no1 role look A little ahead So turn aside See here in this space Let’s put one finger Almost every finger goes in why To number 1, No.2 When you put it in front of No. 2 and 3 Press 2 Powerfully Pressed’ll need The space can not see a gap There is no gap. Please press Now … again From here from here closely! Tight! Standing giving the power Second, you have to fold From the first force tight The second gave fold! 1 to give force to the times Toward the no.2 good I am strong I go a lot longer! Certainly earlier than put it in It was difficult Once you try this No.1 Toward the no.2 When I have given no power and What is the difference between the time gave full power
Feel the difference Those who are not good Need to practice a little zest Let’s do it again Keep your hands open one From here on tight! Please strength Once more. Two! next Three Those who are not good Rotate the video again in the future Looking back At the sight’m Take it slow Next time, for the Attention stance Let’s learn suffered! (clap)


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