🐲 HOW *NOT* TO FIGHT A DRAGON!! | The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | Minecraft Animation

🐲 HOW *NOT* TO FIGHT A DRAGON!! | The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | Minecraft Animation

Steve! Steve, are you in there? “Alex,” “If you’re reading this then I’m not home. I’ve gone to collect wood to fix the leak in my roof”? “No need to look into it any further,” “whatever you do, don’t look through the window because I’m definitely a-hundred percent not there.” “..Oh. This was Steve, by the way.” Make it tall and.. out of stone.. B33P B00P, G00D M0RN– Um, do you need a hand? Oh no. No-no, don’t touch that! Oh my gosh, you’re a girl! Okay. Okay. Um, hi, I’m Ben Hey Ben. Any idea what’s wrong with him? Oh. Okay, promise not to laugh or think I’m weird, but.. He’s kind of one of my inventions. (gasp), you’re an inventor?! Okay. Okay. You didn’t laugh. Normally people laugh, but you didn’t. Yes. Yes. He’s one of my latest creations. You know who’d love to see this? Steve! Haha, yeah! ..I’ve got no idea who that is. Oh, heh, right. He’s a sleeping in that house over there. Mumbling something about a tall stone thing, or.. I don’t know. Sleeping, in the afternoon? Yeah, he does that a lot. Grr, if only there was a way to see into other peoples dreams. ooooOOOOO~!! I think I know just the thing. Don’t go anywhere. Stay right here. I’ll be back in a tick! Okay?.. ..and I’m back! Sorry for the wait. Had to find some spare parts. oooOOO, let’s see if this works. Whoa. What do you see? I.. I don’t know. I think that’s, floating lasagne? Hah, that’s the wrong house. Try the one a little more to the left. Ah, there you. Huh, I expected things to be more… Weird. You might want to turn around.. All hail, Steve! Yeah, that’s more like it. What’s going on?! If only somebody could save us. Fear not, nasally voiced man. For it is I, Steve. Here to save the day– (nervous laugh) Oh, Alex, hey. You’ll never guess what just happened to my dream. I dreamt that there was this huge dragon attacking our village and when it landed next to us.. Uh-huh. I defeated it with my super-cool sword skills and scared it away. ..okay.. I saved the day and everyone was cheering my name. Aaaa.. Steve, Steve.. Aaa, you’re so awesome, aaa!! And there was a huge statue of you? Yeah, there was. Wait a minute. How did you know that? (cough) AAA, NEW GUY.


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