【ENG SUB】熱血高校  第二季 JUDO HIGH EP01(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

【ENG SUB】熱血高校 第二季 JUDO HIGH EP01(主演:蒋雪鸣、陈昊宇、曹佑宁、赵粤、温昇豪、王振、陈庭萱、陈彦佐)

Are you sure this is the way? Let me see. Maybe. Be careful. Could it be that wild? I… I’m sure. Will the coach hide the key in a such dangerous place? What if we met some pig or wolf or snake, I will stand up for you. I will show you my ability. We are getting inside, Ying Ruocheng. Just go straight. This is definitely the right way. I’m sure of ot. That must be the place we want. Zhenzhen. Zhenzhen. Yes. Thank you my boss. It’s everyone’s responsibility to discriminate the crime. Right? My boss. Thanks for your support and see you soon. Thank you. Thank you. See you. Thanks again. We’re really good students. That was just an accident. Give out your identity. Bro, nowadays who would bring his ID card all the time? This, let me check it. Are you guys are loser? Why would you bring your ID card with you? So sweet, so cute. What about you? Does my student ID card work? Of course. An electronic edition, OK? You’re such a trouble. OK. Fine. Come on. I’m very busy. A phone call coming. OK. Yes. I know it. Let’s drink a tea. Of course. Fine. Did you take it with you or not? Of course. My phone is in Bao Boben’s place. Why do you have Ying Ruocheng’s phone? I know that I’m so smart. But I have to report you. Wait. Wait. No, please. My phone is not here. I’m going to make a call and asked my friend to bring it to me. Really. It’s his business that he don’t have an ID card. But we have. See. We have ID. We’re good students of the Kaiying College. We’re all good children. Could you please let us go? Fine. OK. Make your call. I’m so busy right now. Thank you. Come on. Bare hand. You can unlock the handcuff without a key. Another one. So badass. How did you do that? I’m a legend. Everyone has his own story. Another side. Here’s my call. What? The escaped criminal? OK. OK. Now. OK. OK. OK. Please help me unlock this before you leave. Please! Please! Come on. Come on. Don’t leave. Help me. Don’t. I should ask him to help me first. What are you doing? Do you know how to unlock this? Do you have some tools like clips or anything else? Like a key? Key? Key. Right. You have it right? I left my car key in my home. I don’t want your car key. The hole of the handcuff. Then, you have the key, right? How could I have the key of the handcuff? Then why don’t you tell me earlier? You should tell me early. Otherwise would you find us scissors? Tools. Right. Tools. Clips. Tools. Tools. Toosls. You don’t have the skill like him. Just leave it there. There is a tool kit there. Where? Where? There. Where is there? At least you should give me a map. A map. Right, do you have a map? Yes. A map. A map. There is a map on the wall, behind you. A map. I want to kick him. The map. Do you see the fire on my head? Yunqing, do you know how to read the map? I found it. He said is here. What a map. Come on. Let’s go for the pliers. My hand hurt. Zhenzhen, are you OK? I have told you not to go deeper anymore. What happened to me? I… You should fall off yourself. Why did you take me with you? Are you OK? I’m fine. Ying Ruocheng, our handcuff is unlocked. We finally unlock this. Our brutal coach have to tie us like this. Come on. Let’s get out of this shit place. And he caused all the tragedies. What happened? Zhenzhen? Your foot is hurt. It hurts. Sit here. Come and sit here. I have sprained my ankle when I fall down. Let me see. Let me see. Move your ankle, and let me see. No. It hurts. Try it. Let’s check it whether it is a fracture or anything else. Yes. it’s a fracture. And it was swollen. Wait a sec. Ying Ruocheng. Ying Ruocheng. Where did you go? Wait a sec. Let me get you some medicine. Hold on. Hold on. Don’t leave me here alone. Ying Ruocheng! I have found it. I found it. Put your foot here. Come on. I will be gentle. Come on, take off your shoes first. Get off your hand. Let’s take the shoes off. Be careful. Take off your hand. I have seen this med on the Internet. It can relieve pain and ease the swollen. It works well. Take off your hand. It’s fine. Believe me. It won’t hurt later. Take off your hand. Are you sure? I’m sure. I’m sure. And this works really well according to the Internet. I have searched it on the Internet. Really. Believe me. Do you feel better? I will find you more meds. Do you feel good now? Thank you. You don’t have to thank me. Thank you for helping me. Last night you have help me picked out those things that I’m allergic to, I saw it. That jsut a piece of cakes. But I didn’t realize that you know so much things And they really work. I’m just curious about many things. I didn’t know I can make use of them. Usually I searched all these things on the Internet, And I would go to Google. It’s useful. Did it still hurt? Do you feel better? Let me help you blow it, Let me help you comfort it, and it won’t hurt anymore. So what should we do now? Let’s take a look at the map. My wound. So hurt. Come on, look at the map. Put your foot here. Slower. Let’s look at it. We. Did we just fall off here? Here. Xiaomu. Where is Yuan Fei? Yuan Fei won’t come. He won’t come. I saw the massage that you sent to Yuan Fei. And then? Xiaomu, would you please leave him alone? I didn’t disturb him. He is preparing for the game. Don’t take him to do those dirty things again. Is there any problem if we do the same thing as before? We have good meals, we have good clothes, we have good drinks. Is there any problem? We have to grow up. We have to live a normal life. What is a normal life? If you need any help, Me and Yuan Fei would do anything to help you. What can you do for me? Go to fired rice with you? Am I a psycho? I can introduce other jobs for you. If you don’t want to join us, forget it. I will go to Yuan Fei. Xiaomu. What are you doing? What are you doing? Are you a psycho? Don’t disturb Yuan Fei anymore. It hurts. Wait. What are you doing? Don’t you think the air here is really good? It’s all your fault. Chose a worse way and taking a stupid bar. How much time did you waste? This is your prejudice to the bar. The monkey that floating on the rainbow cloud, is taking a bar as well. Don’t you compare yourself with my respectful Monkey King. He is ready to help others for a just cause. What about you? You never make and always break. I don’t mean to. My hand slipped. The tool room he said should be there. And the key, should be on that direction. The key is so far away. I don’t want to tie with him all the way along. Let’s go to the tool room and unlock this handcuff first? I think that, me and Yujia will go to the tool room there to break the handcuff first. And you should go to find the key there so as to complete the mission of the coach. As we take action separately, we can save more time and done the twice. What do think about it? That’s it. OK. Then we will meet later. Come on. You can do it. Come on. Yunqing. Go on, man. Cool. This is it. He is gone. Why did you ask him to leave alone? He wanted to leave himself. Let’s go. We can just stay here. Ah. Hurt. It hurts. It hurts. When will Yunqing come back? Get some water and have a break here. He hasn’t leave for long. Let me ask you a question. Look. In the deep mountain like that, if there were only three of us here, now, Yunqing walks infront of you, really far ahead. And it’s hard for you catch up. But I’m here with you, for your safety, who will you choose to help you get out of here. Of course Yunqing. He is Yunqing no matter how far he is from me. OK. A meaningless question. Then what should I do to get out of here? Yunqing will save me, then after Yunqing brings me out of here, I can help you find Lin Jian. I know it. You picked her last night, right? Or do you really need me to help you more? You know it, I want to express my love to Yunqing now. If you can be with Lin Jian successfully, that’s a Win-win. What? When? When did I say I like Lin Jian? If you don’t like Lin Jian, who do you like? That look. You do fall in love with someone. But not Lin Jian. But now the girls that around you are only Lin Jian and Zhenzhen. Do you like Zhenzhen? No one likes a tomboy, my sis. It’s not Zhenzhen. Who else? Not Lin Jian, not Zhenzhen. Qiaoyu? I can’t stand it. How can you fall in love with my good sis? OK. Fine. I won’t talk about this with you. Could you please help me deal with my physical issue? I got a stomachache. What? I’m not that shameless as you. My stomach really aches. I can’t help with it. Come on. No, I’m not going. Go yourself. I’m not going with you. The handcuff is still on our hand. No way. No way. No way. No way. Could you have the sense of shame? Could you…. That’s so easy to break. What a poor quality. I can’t help it anymore. I have to go. This is what the coach wants us to understand. That is you can’t surrender to the dark evil at the important moment. Hold on and you will break free. Yunqing. I have found the key. Where is Yuan Fei? Him? He broke off the break and went to adventure himself. Fine, let me help you unlock this. OK. Did it hurt? It’s fine. If I don’t express my love now I may not have the chance again. Your shadow can’t disappear. It stays on my heart. I could only think of you secretly. I have… I have… -I have something to tell you. -Let us together. Let’s get together. I like you. I can’t resist anymore. I can’t hide anymore. Your eye makes me drunk. Just hug me like that. I want to hug you. Close your eyes and feel the sweetness. Hello? Are you hiding from me? Where are you right now? Xiaomu? If you don’t want to have any trouble, then Bao Boben will have trouble. Are you with Bao now? Anyway, Yuanfei, don’t mind me. Anyway, I’m waiting for you at the old place right now. Hello? Hello? I have to go home now. Yuan Fei, the key. Why are you so anxious? Just go. I got something to deal with. Why are you so loud? Are you sick? It’s so hurt. Just endure a little bit. Where did you learn that? The army class. You have attended to the class. Of course I have. You have to learn the necessary thing. Someone is in love. No. Yes. I’m not. It is so obvious. What happened to you that makes you laugh so happily? Nothing big. Yes, you have. You have laughed all the way long. What? How is that? What happened? Nothing happened. Did he take the initiative or you? Don’t ask me. Come on, tell us. Did you use the trick that I told you before? Come on. I want to know. Come on. Are you still want to keep it as a secret unless we threat you? I’m not the one who take the action first. What? That’s so fast. Yunqing takes the initiative? Then what happened? Then he kissed me. What was your feelling? Did he put out his tongue? Did it feel comfortable? Come on. Come on. Are his lips thick? No. Is it tough or soft? Did you do something like that? Did you put it into his mouth? Yu Jia. I will go take some food. You have a quick shower. How did you know that? Because you smells so good. Come on. Come on. Enjoy it. It smells so good. Come on, let’s enjoy our meal. Where is Yuan Fei? I just called him with Yunqing’s phone, but he didn’t answer. Then what should we do? Let’s ignore him. Today is a celebration day. It’s so good that someone will keep your bowl full. I got nobody. Go get your drink yourself if you want it. OK. I serve myself. I will take it myself. Grab me one. OK. Help me get a sugar-free drink. OK. Come on. Let me help you. Let you experience this feeling. What do you want? I want some meat. Two beers. Is there anything wrong with your hand? So sweet. Is it fine? Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Pick up the phone, you asshole. Where are you? I’m sorry, coach, I have something to do. I don’t care about it. Come back here now. If there is a friend of you, who used to make big mistakes. Now he hasn’t realized he was wrong yet, but you have the chance to stop him, will you do your best to help him? Then I will permit your leave now. Thank you, coach. Wait, remember it. No matter how, you have backup. Don’t make any trouble. Come on, let’s cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Run again. Come back here if you dare. Run. Come back. Don’t be a coward. Do you dare or not? Come to me if you have any problem. My name is Li Xiaomu. I’m Bao Boben. That’s enough. Let’s see if they are brave or not. Come on, let’s get some ice cream. Why did you put so many coal? Otherwise how can you grill it? It’s not done yet. Grill a little bit longer. It’s dark. Put here. Don’t get close to the floor. Why are you so late? I was beaten by someone. Let me see. Who did it? Chen Ang. Where are they? They are there. Xiaomu, wait. How many people are they? Bao. Four or five. Wait a sec, Xiaomu. Spanking man. It’s funnier next time we beat him harder. Who beat Bao Boben? What? What do you want? Xiaomu. That’s enough. Stop. Let’s go. Is this the crime scene? Did you do that? Please stimulate for us. Only one hit? Where is your accomplice? Don’t mess up. I don’t know. Is there anyone else? No. No? Where are the other two people? There’s no others. Yuan Fei. Yuan Fei. What are you doing, Bao? Xiaomu was caught. No. Bao. Xiaomu. Yuan Fei. Good morning. How do you do? Did you just finish your class? What are you doing now? Why are you so serious? We have something to talk about. Let off him first. Let’s have a chat first. Don’t be so anxious. He won’t disappear in there. Why didn’t you answer my call? I forget my phone at Bao’s place, it was charging there. You said you would call me. You have forgotten it. Xiaomu. I’m not hiding from you deliberately. I don’t know how to face it. It’s fine. Don’t be so nervous. Come on, I have met some new friend. Let’s have a drink. Come on. Let’s get a drink. What? What are you doing? Xiaomu. I really don’t want to live the old life anymore. Don’t you understand? Do you think we were loiterer? I don’t think so. I feel that we had a good day. We have good thing to eat, to drink, to wear. Look at Bao, he has a good life. You may think that I’m different now. Different from I used to be. I don’t think so. Do you know that? You have missed a lot these years. This world is not the same as what we used to think when we were young. It can’t be defeat only with your brave and blood. Sometimes, you have to follow. To follow its rule. Why are you talking to me about this? There is no rule. I just want to say, we can’t go back anymore. I have been in the prison for three years. You tell me now after I came out of here, that we can’t go back anymore? Xiaomu. I know it. This years in there, you may missed a lot of things. But I really want to tell you that you can’t, you can’t be the loiterer anymore. It’s OK that you missed it. I will help you to find it. Tomorrow. We will start from tomorrow. I will help you find a job. Let’s start over. You’re helping me to find a job? What the hell are you? You used to be the first one. Now what are you doing? I have spent three years in there. Three years. Do you think it’s easy? Don’t fight anymore. Do you think it was a good life? Shut up. Tell him to shut up. Bao, it’s none of your business. I have been in there for three years. You are good students after you graduated. But me? I’m the bad guy. Do you understand? What? Now you all look down upon me, right? No, I didn’t. I’m so sorry that I have made such an awkward situation. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. Do you know that? Don’t ever tell me that you want to live the old life,OK? OK? Xiaomu, we can’t look back. Could you please be sober? What do you mean we can’t? You’re out of condition. Xiaomu, I know that you have a hard life in there for three years. That’s what we can’t feel about. I know your thought, I know your complaint and hate. It was our fault. I will help you find them back, OK? But I really, really don’t want you live like this. Because I’m worried that you might have troubles again. I regard you as my brother. Troubles again? I’m so sorry. That I have caused such an awkward situation once I’m back. Are you OK? Anyway, now I’m aware of it. Then let’s start together, you live your own life and I live my own life. Bao, fried your rice better. You, practice that, what’s that again? Whatever. Today is over. Everyone has a good life. There is no need to be a enemy every time we meet. Yuan Fei. Bao. You haven’t smiled to me for a long time. See, I have came back for a long time until now, you haven’t smiled to me for once. We used to be very happy. Anyway, cheer for you. I won’t come to you anymore. You don’t need me anymore. Xiaomu, you know that’s not what we meant. I know that’s not what you meant. Next time, remember to give me a smile, OK? Just like we used to do. A smile. It’s not that hard. Just like we used to be. Be careful of your wound. Add oil. Give me a smile next time you meet me. Xiaomu. Xiaomu. Xiaomu, where are you going? Sausages. I’m so tired. Bro. Money. Money. You didn’t divide it right. I have. Fei. How much is yours? Ninety. The same. Let’s go to play games. Where to go? Wait for me. Come on. Who could make one be happy until the end of the story. You don’t have to be panic. Sometimes being sober is the wrong start. I don’t need anything. I’m not important at all. It’s so good to be a fool. I don’t understand. I don’t need to understand. I’m so good now. There’s nothing important. I only needs a hug from you. It’s fine that nothing is left. It’s precious that something is left. Precious. Precious. So good to be a fool. I don’t understand. I don’t need to understand. Let me die like this. How’s his condition now, doctor? The patient now is still in coma because his head was hit. We have to keep an eye on his situation now. Then, he should be stable now, right? Yes, the condition so far seems stable. But he needs further observation. OK. Thank you, doctor. You’re welcome. The doctor said he is stable now. But he is still in coma. He has to stay for a while. We can’t be like that. I have to notice his grandmother. Li Xiaomu, what are you doing? I thought you’re the undefeated Li Xiaomu. Why are you lying here? You haven’t finished your high school, then I will accompany you for the second time. Let’s go back, back to before. Do you want to be the boss of the school? Then we will be. I promise you everything now you ask me to. But I have one condition, that you have to wake up first. You said you haven’t seen me smile since you were back. Open your eyes now, I’m smiling. It’s so easy to smile. The air condition is cool here, don’t get cold again. What are you drawing? A wing. What for? You love me so much that you paint me into the wall. Don’t be narcissistic. You wing looks like a bowknot. This is the fire bird. Is it? Fire bird. This is the head, the wing. Right. Where is the tail? Tail? A burning fire bird. Isn’t this me, Fei? Don’t be narcissistic, Fei. This is not me. You dare not to draw a picture of me. Look at it clearly yourself. Come on. Come here. Li Xiaomu, wake up. Wake up. We three are still the birdman gang. Please, wake up. Wake up, OK? Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Li Xiaomu, wake up.


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