ब्रुस ली बारे रोचक जानकारी | Amazing Facts About Bruce Lee | Facenp

ब्रुस ली बारे रोचक जानकारी | Amazing Facts About Bruce Lee | Facenp

Greetings Today we present you five interesting facts about Bruce lee. Lets get Started. 1. Bruce was sent to the US to save him from gang fights in Hong Kong streets. He was involved in The Tiger of Junction gang. He used to fight on the street on the name of that gang. Once he was hurt during the street fight and he started to learn Kung Fu with the local master Yip Man. He used his kung fu styles on the street. He kept knife and chain during his street walk. At that time Hong Kong was governed by British. Hong Kong street was very dangerous sp, his parent sent him to US to become a good man. 2. He was also perfect in dancing. Every one knows bruce was kick ass martial artist but he was also perfect in dancing. He practiced dancing to impress girls. 3. Very Bad injury on spinal cord. In 1970s bruce was badly injured on his spinal cord. His daily exercise was very hard, complex and dangerous. Once he started his daily exercise with out warmup and got injured on his spinal cord. He was admited to the hospital for 7 months. Doctors advised him never to do such hard exercise on his entire life again, but he proved doctors wrong after recovering from the injury. 4. Camara could not capture his speed properly. In 1960s Bruce was playing as a kato in the movie Green Hornet. His kicks and punches were way to fast for the camera at that time. So, director and camera man told him to kick slowely. 5. Bruce only worked on five movies. Bruce wal only able to work on five movies on this entire life. Bruce was dead in 1973 while he was woring on the movie ‘The Game of Death’. The movie was completed with a look alike character. After Brcue’s death 168 movies has been made using look alike character. Still Bruce’s death is mysterious. Please do not forget to like, susbcribe and comment. Thank you.


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