Best Breakfast– Diwali Special- How to make ” Poha Chivda ” 1.2 Million+ Views

welcome to ghar ka khana 2 cup thin poha, 1/2 cup peanuts,dry coconut thin and long cut cashews, raisin musterd seeds,turmaric powder, salt white split chickpeas, 3 green chilli fine chopped,curry leaves,oil take a kadai add poha, roast poha for 2 to 3 mins 3 mins are complited now remove poha from kadai add 1/4 cup oil in […]

Does Semen Retention Increase Attraction? (You WANT To Hear This!)

And this is why when you retain your semen you become so much more attractive and magnetic Hey guys, I’m Jonathan White I’m here to help you master your sexual energy so that you can magnetize your ideal life. semen retention Makes you more attractive, simple as that. what is the process of ejaculation for a man? the […]

Video Karate Lessons : Karate Roundhouse Kick for Beginners

How are you doing? My name is Qaeem and on behalf of Expert Village, I am going to be demonstrating Shorin-Ryu Karate. In Shorin-Ryu Karate today, I am going to be demonstrating the roundhouse kick. Now, it is called the roundhouse kick because this is the kick that you bring it from the back. It’s like you are […]

Loona Kick 141

After the festival, then, now, we’re making a short trip to the convenience store. That’s right. Since the night air is so nice… Yeah. We’re getting engrossed in the atmosphere. It’s so pretty and the weather’s nice, and in front of me, our manager’s giving us artificial lighting. yeah, normally you wouldn’t be able to see us. We […]

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