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Hi I’m Alexis I’m Agita Ammie Kumar And I’m Jay Goldman I’m the co-founder of Sensei Labs and I’d love to tell you a little bit about all the amazing growth that we’re having on our team. and some of the challenges that we’re facing as we continue to scale our organization. Challenges on our technical team about […]

Beginner Tae Kwon Do Techniques : Tae Kwon Do Turning Kick

Hi this is Aaron Fruitstone from Chi Martial Arts in Miami Shores, Florida. You can reach us on the web at The next technique that you’ll be learning is a kick that works laterally to your opponent, so you have to imagine that you’re chopping with an axe, you’re chopping wood as you execute this technique. It’s […]

A tribute to Bruce Lee and Rajinikanth | Nanchaku | Petta | The Holy Biker

Good Morning Friends! I am Thulasidharan Yesterday I saw the movie ‘Petta’. The movie was so superb… In that movie, what I liked the most was… Thalaivar had used one weapon and it was nothing but ‘Nanchaku’ During childhood, I learnt to use it when I was learning Kung-Fu So, After Bruce Lee I’ve always expected that some […]

Đừng Làm Loli-sensei Phải Khóc !!! | Nếu bạn không muốn bị ….

成績も悪かったな待つ間にスケスケみるみるですよ 上条ちゃーん開発も度が足りないので飲みきっけすけ3できるですよ ゲイ思えちゃうわー噛み合うが彼は言うてしかで前にそこ それ is 一言でむしゃべリアだったなぁ 看護師の卵ですよです [音楽] そのうち忘れ物を取りに戻って来区前世 上条君が女子テニス部のヒラヒラに夢中になってまーす 指 ん ahaan シナ海上になった [音楽] banane ani ni ni amaran yeah yeah nan

How to Do Combination Drills | Taekwondo Training

We’re going to be talking about combination drills. Now combination drills is trying to throw out more than one, two techniques. Number one, doing a single technique is good, especially if you want to focus on something. Throwing a roundhouse kick, and just concentrating on that, is great. But you should also practice on your combination kick, because […]

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